Chorus 806 V
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Chorus 806 V


Neutral and balanced, the Chorus 806 V seduces by the richness of its upper midrange and the speed of its bass. An entirely refined speaker, ideal to play in rooms under 20m2 without any limits. And easily larger spaces if it is combined with SW 800 V. Type: 2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker.

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the speakers have a solid attractive appearance and sound beautiful - particularly vocals.


Zvuk, izrada, dimenzije, wife factor, jesam li pominjao zvuk?


Fantastic sound quality.


Love them


Product is superb!


Love these speakers. I have had them for over 3 years and still enjoy their sound so much so that I am replacing a competitive brand centre with the cc800v. I compared many others and kept coming back to these. Very happy with my decision to this day.


Since they are not low cost speakers, I feel that Focal must have taken good care while making them. I find some of the finish with the MDF is not up to the mark and the labels sticked at the back is not within the space but its overlapping on the frame, which makes me feel as if this was made in a hurry and not with the same care for other higher brands.


The speakers are well built and the finish is very good! I just bought them today and i didnt get a "wow" feeling initially. since these are brand new, i think i should give it a months time to open to see what these are capable of. I still trust these speakers and the natural sound produced.


Demoed these today at my local Focal dealer - Commercial Electronics in Vancouver, BC - I was blown away at the massive soundstage, the imaging, instrument separation, incredible bass, midrange and treble response to EVERYTHING I threw at them. These speakers have lightning attack and the decay on percussion, woodwinds and horns was so accurate as to close your eyes and imagine Sonny Rollins six feet away. From electronica, jazz, prog-rock, trip-hop, blues, punk, classical, male vocals, female vocals - you name it, they just sang and made me forget I was listening to speakers. One of the most engaging and musical speakers I've heard this side of the Fidelity Acoustics RFM1 ($4,000 a pair).
I've been shopping for a perfect bookshelf speaker under $1,500... I think I found it today.


Nice set of speakers

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