Chorus 826 V
Chorus 826 V

The Focal Chorus 826V, the star floorstanding loudspeaker of the Chorus series, combines power from its two woofers, double ports and separate midrange. A very classy speaker, untiring even while effortlessly performing in rooms up to 40m2.

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i will be very short...these speakers are absolutely outstanding and i think they are worth much more than they are. Thanks To Focal for such a great product!


I love the sound of the speakers so far. I can't wait until they're broken in! Wonderful.


Well sounding speakers. Need proper poweramp.


Fabulous speakers, stunning quality. *****


Great product


Once the tweeter's grill was removed, the loudspeaker was so much more clear and open, yet still balanced. Amazing, especially for the price point.


I listened to the Focal Chorus 826v speakers today and they are a rare speaker in that they play classical as well as they play rock. I wasn't sure this existed. I've been looking for months for a simple two speaker set up that can do both. The floor speakers won me over for their deep refined bass over the bookshelves. My test tracks were ACDC Thunderstruck, John Williams Cavatina and Madeleine Peyroux Blue Alert. These speakers put a smile on my face with each. Previously I was impressed with the Dali Zenzor 7 for what they did with Thunderstruck (awesome), but disappointed hearing classical guitar through them. The Focal Chorus were awesome all round. Cavatina sounded like it did when I heard John Williams live! I wanted to write this review because its been so hard finding speakers with so much versatility. I also didn't know where to start looking here in Perth. Of course I was pointed to JB HiFi and Harvey Norman. I almost ended up at Bang Olufsen but didn't want to change my whole set-up as their equip seems to require. I found the Focal Chorus at Westcoast HiFi in O'Connor (near Fremantle) quite by accident. I hope this review helps anyone else who enjoys classical as much as rock.


Excellent speakers!!!


Superb speakers sweet sounding with terrific bass and excellent imaging


I'm very satisfied

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