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Twin6 Be
Twin6 Be

The Twin6 Be is the best seller of the Focal Professional range and the most versatile work tool of the SM6 line. It represents the only necessary solution for recording, mixing and mastering. The image precision, treble definition as well as midrange neutrality are at the heart of its reputation. The excellent articulation of the bass and midbass registers, even at very high sound levels, makes it an unavoidable reference for engineers who require absolute transparency.

Furthermore, the design of the Twin6 Be permits a high SPL while at the same time offering a stable tonal balance. One of the two 6.5" woofers works in large band (midrange – bass) whereas the other reproduces from 40 to 150Hz. This creates a bass that preserves all the signal dynamics, without any masking effect in the midrange, thereby keeping all its neutrality and transparency. Additional control of the bass register is accomplished by fine-tuning on the control plate on the back of the Twin6 Be in order to obtain a perfect mirror configuration with its mate.

The Twin6 Be can be installed vertically or horizontally to respond to the space requirements of each studio. 

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Great monitors, I only wish they had stepped controls for the contour EQ.


Loving them so far.


Absolutely incredible sounding monitors!!! I love them and they just sound so silky!!!
The best mixing and mastering monitors I've ever used at Diamond Dreams Music!!


I'm super happy so far - Very revealing speakers. Done about 15 hours of running in and the bass seems to be opening up as time goes on but remains tight. Noticed new details in familiar songs, always a good sign.


Sound very nice !!!


True, Neutral Sound.


One of the speakers regularly (every few days) blows a fuse when switched on, and apparently this is quite common.
They definitely need 20+ hours running in, but after that very nice.


Most articulate and revealing monitors I've tried to date.


Amazing and beautiful sound quality.


but the day i brought them home one speaker did not power on. thankfully Almar co in Sofia replaced it the same day.
Now ive reached Dubai and am running in the speakers but suddenly one speaker has stopped coming on!!!

Hi Rahul,

I am sorry about the misadventure encountered with your monitor.
Unfortunately, the warranty of your product is only effective in the country in which you bought your monitor. I invite you to contact back Almar Co to know how to proceed and find a solution as quick as possible.

Best regards,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Seriously the best decision I have ever made. Mind Blowing quality!!


options weren't coming up correctly on the previous page but my 2nd speaker came with noticable scratches on it! screwed the resale value right out of the box

Hi Peter,

I am sorry about your monitor speaker and I do understand your disappointment. This is actually not acceptable. I invite you to contact back your dealer to fix this problem.

Best regards,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


excited to try them!


I'm still learning these monitors. Jury is out.


the boxes I received had were very " rough' looking and one had a large puncture hole , but no damage was done to the speaker. Also inside one of the ports near the lip there is some "noticble glue 'residue from manufacturing, no big deal , but though I d' mention it . the speakers are sounding really good.


I am enjoying these speakers so far.


Incredible sound! Amazing combination between surgical precision and beautiful sound! Tight and deep enough bass, clear mids and airy highs. (I used the adjustments on the rear a little bit, but the adjustments are flexible and works perfect!) Highly recommended!


Great for mixing, tight bass and not too harsh, but extremely detailed mids and highs. One problem that I have is some sort of strange hum, that sounds sort of like cellphone interference but it's not. Does not sound like 60hz. They are plugged into a Furman power conditioner. This started today!


Demo'ed the speakers and instantly fell in love.....My first mix translated so great, I can now listen to my music rather than my speakers


One of the boxes had a good sized hole, about 3-4" wide. Fortunately, whatever it was, didn't reach the beautiful speaker cabinet.


5 stars. Stunning sound quality. Changed the way I experience a mix.


One of them arrived with a slight dent.

Hi Colm,
If you have any problem with your monitor, I invite you to contact your nearest dealer.


love them


The Twin6 Be is the best near field monitor I have ever heard, with superb soundstage and beautiful balance. The cabinetry is wonderful.


My first high-end monitors. Love them


I just received these so I haven't had a chance to break them in just yet but I cannot wait to hear them. I have read nothing but excellent reviews on these speakers. Thank you!


Outstanding monitors. Extremely revealing across all frequency bands. Excellent build quality.


Amazing detail! A real pleasure to mix on!


Amazing detail!! Makes mixing a real pleasure!!


Your speakers sound AMAZING!!!
I can really hear the detail in my recordings which in turn makes for obtaining better mixing results!


fantastic sound, great clear mids particularly for vocal projection. Honestly sound better vertically but can't change the badge round...


Over the years I've acquired many pieces of gear. None of which I have ever written a review no matter how pleased I was with the unit's performance. I make an exception for Focal. When you by a product from a company with a reputation such as Focal, you are not supposed to be surprised and the quality and performance of the unit. They are after all, FOCAL! So yes I am extremely happy with my Twin 6 Be's. That's not why I'm writing this review. It is because of the excellent customer service and respect which I was dealt, in resolving a matter which the company took full responsibility for, that I write. I'm not going to get into the details. I'm keep that between my self and the good folks at Focal. 6 stars for customer service!!!! Bless-up Focal!!! Respect!!!! From The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


Very Good!


Best have heard until now




Awesome monitor for life! If I must say..longer power cords may be a good thing.


Quality in every way. I would only recommend longer power cords...thats it.


I think I would like to add the Sub6 ;)


Absolutely incredible and amazing sound! Outstanding precisely definition. I compared the speakers with Adam A77x, Neumann, Genelec and Event... but no other have this high definition sound!
I use them in my studio now.

In the same range