Stella Utopia EM

Real technological twin sister of the Grande Utopia EM, the Stella Utopia EM floorstanding loudspeaker has absorbed the gist of the most outstanding innovations, in a 3-way version and with more convenient dimensions. The new 13" (33cm) built-in W woofer works with the same electro-magnet as in the Grande Utopia EM, which is as well efficient in the infrabass as in the midbass. A major innovation that makes you rediscover all the dynamics and definition in a critical frequency response that's totally brought to light by the Stella Utopia EM audiophile acoustic hifi loudspeaker.

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initially disappointing, lack the realism and incredible soundstaging of my previous speakers (alon phalanx). bass extension was also disappointing, given the size and price of the stellas.
however they are more 'musical', easier to listen to (less ruthlessly revealing and fatiguing than my reference), and fill my large-ish room effortlessly, also providing a greater quantity of bass, if not so deep as i would like.
they strike me as poor value for money at full price and i continue to search for a speaker that does everything.....i may trade back to nola.
i would have been interested in the utopia subs if they increased the frequency response, to say, flat at 18hertz. however on paper they offer no advantage over the stellas....why not build a sub from the 18" electromagnetic woofers in the grande utopia?
now that i would like to experience!

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