Spirit One S

Spirit One S

One sound, One style

The Focal sound only for you…

A resolutely urban signature, reinforced bass to provide neutral tonal balance in noisy environments, a reference for digital nomads who are passionate about music.

Works with iPhone

All smartphones compatible

Discover Spirit One S

Spirit One S

Discover the world of high-fidelity headphones by Focal.

Fourth model of the Focal headphones family, the Spirit One S headphones are comfortable and lightweight, modern and resolutely mobile. Focal’s expertise on speaker drivers, applied to headphones, makes the difference. Spirit One S offers excellent acoustic definition and a complete musical integrity thanks to its large cone of 40mm (19/16″), very light.

179 €

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Spirit One S benefits from more than two years of experience acquired by Focal on headphones.

Result: a new product of exceptional quality dedicated to digital nomadism, that meets the same expectations than Focal high-fidelity loudspeakers.

Hybrid Mylar/Titanium
40 mm driver

Ultra-light and rigid
providing precise sound
rendering and tight bass


Remote control
To manage calls and audio devices
All smartphones compatible


OFC cable


Solid structure
Key point for mobiles
headphones to resist
the frequent handling


Large ear cups
For exceptional listening comfort
Peerless noir insulation





For any questions or advice about Spirit One S, please contact your local Focal dealer directly.

Outside of France, Focal products are covered by a warranty whose conditions are determined locally by the official Focal-JMlab dealer in each country, in compliance with the laws in force in the respective territory.

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Please contact your Focal dealer if you encounter any problems.

In the case of defective equipment, the equipment must be shipped at your expense in its original packaging to the dealer who will test the equipment in order to determine the nature of the fault. If the product is still under warranty, the product will be returned to you or replaced, shipping pre-paid. If the product is not under guarantee, you will be given a repair estimate.

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Buy it!

Astounding acoustic performances
and excellent noise insulation for on-the-go use.

Hi-fi Spirit One S headphones

  • Closed back, circum-aural type
  • Portable headphones, light, comfortable and providing excellent insulation
  • In-line controller and built-in microphone, compatible with all Smartphones
  • A reference in terms of sound quality with reinforced bass for on-the-go use

Accessories supplied

  • Rigid and resistant carrying case
  • Carrier bag
  • 6,35mm/3,5mm Jack adaptor
  • Aeroplane connector


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your music

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Spirit Professional

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    activities without exception
  • Dynamics of the audio signal
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