Coaxial driver/speaker kits

  • 690 AC

    6x9" 2-WAY COAXIAL KIT

    The Access 690 coaxial kit has been designed to reproduce deep bass throughout your vehicle. It will be equally at home in your car's doors or parcel shelf *. As with the other products in this range, its built-in filter means you can quickly connect your kit to a car stereo or power amplifier from our Performance range.

    * depending on oem fittings

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  • 570 AC

    5x7" 2-WAY COAXIAL KIT

    The Access 570 AC kit is specially designed to replace Ford®, Jaguar® and Mazda® oem audio installations. Its 5x7" dimensions, specially designed for these vehicles, mean that installation is simplified. And its integral filter simplifies speaker connections: all that is needed is a simple connection to your car stereo.

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  • 165 AC


    The Access 165 AC coaxial kit puts Focal sound in your car with no fuss. Measuring 165 mm (6½") in diameter and with 60 W rated power, this kit is easily fitted for an effective, responsive audio system.

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  • 130 AC


    The coaxial Access 130 CA kit offers real dynamism for your sounds. With their 130 mm diameter, these speakers develop a rated power of 50 W and can be fitted into your car both front and back. 

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  • 100 AC


    The Access 100 AC car audio kit produces very good results in your car's original speaker fitting locations. This means you benefit from Focal sound in a most impressive value-for-money package.

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