Amplifiers & Bass enclosures

  • Impulse 4.320

    Compact 4-channel digital amplifier

    Give your head unit a breath of fresh air

    Head unit amplifiers (whether OEM or aftermarket) soon reveal their limits in terms of power and dynamics. At high volume, they soon saturate and ruin the listening pleasure. To compensate for this and to enable you to get the best out of your speaker drivers, Impulse 4.320 is the ideal solution. It will give your installation a boost without you having to embark on a difficult installation process.

    Semi “Plug&Play”, Impulse 4.320 is a miniature 4-channel digital amplifier delivering 4 x 55 Watts.

    Impulse 4.320 is the perfect complement for your Focal Integration speaker drivers.

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  • IBus 2.1

    Flat subwoofer enclosure with 2-channel amplifier.
    A real 2.1 system.

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  • IBus 20

    • Ready to use (Plug & Play ISO cables supplied)
    • Easy integration in the trunk or under a seat
    • High and low level inputs
    • Intensifies the bass frequencies of your audio system
    • Remote control
    • Easy to use






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