Alpha 50
Alpha 50

Active 2-way near field professional monitoring loudspeaker

Alpha 50, the most compact of the line, is perfectly adapted for confined spaces.

The ALPHA 50 is composed of a 5” (13cm) woofer/ midrange speaker with a Polyglass cone loaded in a large laminar port and of a 1" (25mm) aluminum inverted dome tweeter. It features a 20W amplifier for the tweeter and a 35W amplifier for the woofer, and has a frequency response of 45Hz to 22kHz (+/- 3dB).

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Key points

  • Low directivity: keeps the same sound throughout the room
  • Damping and rigidity: neutrality, no distortion
  • Tonal balance is identical at low and high volumes; low sensitivity to the wall effects
  • Connect up to 2 audio sources
  • Optimal acoustic integration
  • Reduced power consumption

Focal in the press



5 stars. excellent nearfield monitor.


One word - Impressive


Great Speakers for vocal mixing.


I read nothing but good things about the alpha 50, but I have trouble with mine. They hiss. There's an awful resonance at 130 Hz, and it's the speaker, not my room, I've Measured that. And ther"s a very strong gap at 500 Hz. Ik cannot get good mixes with these faults. Or is it just my pair?

Dear Harrie,

I am sorry to hear that.
I invite you to contact directly your dealer back for the After-Sales Service of your monitors.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


background : strictly hobbyist electronic composer with plenty of guitars used
previously monitoring with Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 monitors that are freshly replaced with the Alphas.
We recently moved from our previous house where I had a pretty large studio space to a smaller house (the realtor doesn't call it downsizing, it's called "right-sizing") with a kinda small(9 1/2' x 11 1/2') room for the studio space. Have been looking at reviews left & right and have read so many terrific reviews of the Alpha series. I found an eBay seller with lightly used A50s for $400 delivered & pulled the trigger as a BDay present to me-self.

Reference tracks : Bruce Horsby - Dreamland (from Halycon Days 2004)
Beck - Heart is a Drum (Morning Phase 2014)
Pvris - You and I (White Noise 2016)

Are these a "revelation" that is light-years beyond the Wharfies ? No; but the detail is a step or three more precise. They don't present as "small" loudspeakers throwing a pretty big & fat soundstage. Highs seem smooth, maybe a touch soft. Mids are really deeply layered - tons of detail with acoustic piano ringing super dynamic and clean. Beck's acoustic GTR sounds amazingly rich. Just love to hear the little "growl" in Pvris's lead singer Lynn Gunn's beautiful voice. The bottom is a bit light, as you might expect from a 5" woofer but I'm still able to get kick impact and definition from a properly recorded bass guitar. I still need to play with the bass shelving control to perhaps dial that in better for this room.
Bottom line - excellent bang for the buck !


wow amazing


Great Speakers. Balanced. Powerful. Subtle.


Excelente modelo de monitoreo de campo cercano.


I usually listen to music at a low volume when I work. The Alpha 50 monitors are perfect for this purpose.


So far. They have proven to be the best sounding and a high quality reference monitor. /after listening to some previous recordings I wish I had had these much earlier in my career.




This is amazing product. Very neutral and it sounds very accurate even with really low level of volume. I'm happy with sonic quality.


So far so good!


I love the sound I am getting now. Had some other high-end monitors that were to much for my little room and these work great, more than great. The only concerns I have are the hiss commented on by others as well and the stand-by feature. I listen to these at relatively lower volumes in the morning as to not wake anyone in my home (home studio). They slip into stand-by more than I would like. I wish there was a way to bypass this, maybe there is but I can't find it.


The monitors sound incredible on low and moderate levels.
I am noticing distortion once volume levels start increasing.
The monitors have a light humming/white noise.


Very good sound quality. After small problems with POWER ON function which was caused by my TRS-XLR cable and thanks to support of FOCAL team was everything solved and its working well. I am totally satisfied and i recommend this speakers.


The Alpha 50 is one of the best monitors in its class right now. They stand out above the competition with more clarity and bass extension than similarly priced products. For my full review:


Love these studio monitors. Immediate difference was achieved in mixing within minutes of setting them up!


Fantastic Speakers in all the sense!!!!!!!!


I had use many monitors from: Adam, Genelec, KRK, Yamaha, JBL, Monkey Banana but there is something about this speakers, there is no need to get use to 'em, i did tried the CMS-50 and i didn't like it much at the dealer audition, i did work with the CMS-65 on a recording session, sorry, they are not for me! What i'm looking forward is to try the TRIO6 BE & SM9 Series!!!! But I'm very happy with the alphas, the bass its a little bit more open than the Turbo 8 and the 1031s but I enjoy them a lot! Very fun to work with!!!! Fantastic SPL! Great quality made, i am just a little disappointed they were made in china, boo..... but you guys really manage very well to keep alive your signature sound on this speakers! Thumbs up!!!! Thats what counts!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!


Sound Crisp and realistic


The most touching and reveal monitors!


Overall the sound quailty is great and what I expected from focal and glad to have this option in the price range. 2 things I think can be improved upon.. They are the noisest pair of monitors I have owned. compared to my Genelec 1030a, Yamaha HS50, HS80, Krk rokit 8, Rokit 6, Avantone Mixcubes ,Dynaudio Bm6a Mk II. currently my setup is from an apogee One 1/8 in to RCA.. I'm hoping to get a cleaner signal when switching to Balanced xlr cables.. but I need to bring in another interface without using adapters and such. 2nd, I wish there was an attenuation option on the volume trim. I want to see if this fixed my noise problem by being able to turn down the monitors as I'm in my home setup and don't need as much volume.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Be sure that I forward it to our Product Manager for potential future improvements.

Marine, Community Manager Focal


very good


I would have give these a 2 and a half stars if I could as I think 2 stars is not quite enough. I purchased the Focal Alpha 50's after reading a review of them and the 65's online. I was super excited to get the "Focal" sound in a small package and at a decent price point. Unfortunately the alpha 50 did not live up to my expectation.

First the good points.
Front ported - perfect for home recording and project studios where speakers normally have to be close to a wall.

Tonal balance is consistent across all monitoring volumes. - Big plus

Bass extension is very good for a speaker of this size.

Overall tone is pleasing.

Here's the Negatives - and there's only two.

The real flaw in these speakers is around 1.5- 3k. For me this is one of the most important frequency ranges as it brings out the crack in a snare and also a crucial frequency in the bite and presence in vocals and guitars. 3 of the most important elements in a mix have been compromised with these monitors and those elements appear distant in the mix.I found it difficult to make mix decisions because there seems to be an apparent dip in that range even after the speakers were broken in for 14 hours. A listen from a audio forensic friend I know confirmed that even pro mixes sounded compromised in that range. It's for this reason I would happily use these monitors for composing to get a vibe going but I would not trust them for mixing or mastering.

reason 2 - the built in amps should provide a little more wattage. I had to use much more of my audio interfaces gain than I normally would in order to achieve my normal listening levels (even with the focal's +6 db engaged)

I think a lot of companies are trying too hard to extend their speakers frequency response and are focusing on selling the "flat response" or "uncoloured" sound
The focus should be instead to produce a monitor that acts as a useful tool to aid in the decision making for people like me. For me that is about creating an upfront, solid sounding monitor that points out the flaws in that crucial mid-upper mid frequency range. Once they've got that right then they should focus on extending the bass response. Monitors are ultimately a tool for decision making.

Unfortunately and regretfully I had to return my pair after only 4 days of using them. I notified Focal on twitter only to receive a reply saying they were "surprised and a journalist said that the alpha had more mids than his $5000.00 monitors and that they can't win them all. :-) "
That's what ultimately prompted this review. I felt like they didn't care about my issues and actually didn't want constructive criticism from an unbiased consumer. All I can say is, as we know, some journalists ears or audio forensics don't. If anyone from Focal cares to contact me privately I would be more than happy to engage in a constructive discussion.

Hi Daniel,

I am really sorry Alpha monitors didn't satisfy you. However I thank you for your detailed feedback I forwarded to our Product Manager so that he can take into consideration your comments.
Could you please send us by email at your details (name, firstname, address, email address, phone number) so that our team can contact you back to continue this discussion ?

Thank you in advance,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Perfect size and sound for my situation.


I'm having issues with a very distracting hissing sound from the tweeter at all times.

Hi Adam,

I am sorry about misadventures with Alpha 50, I invite you to contact back your dealer or to contact the local distributor who will be able to help you :


Marine, Community Manager Focal
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