Chorus 816 V
Chorus 816 V

The floorstanding Chorus 816V makes the most of the two-and-a-half-way configuration: elevated performance in lower octaves thanks to the combination of woofers working in unison. Rooms up to 30m2.

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    Focal in the press



    I am very happy with my purchase. Aside from the missing gromitts that were not installed at the factory, the speakers arrived in perfect condition. My dealer is working on getting me replacements for the grommet inserts. This speaker is a true high end speaker and a great value. I believe that it would hold it;s own against speakers that cost twice as much or more!


    Amazing speakers!


    Using these 816v's as surround speakers with 826v's as front and two 806v's as center speakers


    I am really impressed with the quality and sound of these speakers. These are my gateway into hifi sound. The packaging could be better but noting was damaged in shipment so I'm thankful for that. Thank you so much for a great product and I am looking forward to more products from focal in the future!!


    Very pleased with quality so far


    I am 71 years of age. Returning to Vinyl LPs & STEREO___ Formerly owned Kenwood L0-7 Series Set-up with Dual TT & Japanese MC cartridge & Dahlquist DQ-10 Speakers. Now_Starting to Build a Simple Sound System for Music Listening Pleasure. The Focal 816v Speakers are "FABULOUS"! I am Delighted with everything about them! Beautiful & ELEGANT! I plan to build my system around them. I live in a small Condo now.


    Heard my friend's 816V's and had to have some, we both enjoy the same sonic signature to our music and they are just perfect. However you need to listen for yourself not trust our thoughts but they do need a fair run in time.

    The finish and quality is simply sublime, I don't think you can get better at this price point personally.


    Excellent Sound overall. Great Bass in my room and wonderful treble. Using them as a rear channel and they do it so well.


    I am very satisfied with the speakers




    very pleased with price and sound quality and looks


    Goede luidspreker die zijn kwaliteiten waar maakt.


    Amazing tower speaker with rich full powerful sound and incredible bass response. I have never heard a better speaker for the price and well above.


    This is my first pair of tower speakers I have ever owned and can honestly say I have never been so impressed with a piece of equipment in my life. Huge full sound with amazing bass response. I am using for two channel only music listening with a a dedicated cd player and record player.


    Nice sound,
    Finish is better than the other.


    Amazing product! Compared them to B&W at $8000 and these were just as clear, amazing highs, just lacked the low end but thats why i want to buy the 836!

    For the price these are hands down the best choice and my favourite speakers yet!


    Awesome Sound staging even with my basic Marantz Sr 5000 amp..


    Enciente Chorus 816 V Ebony Serie Limitee. Beautiful clear sound. Very good looking.


    Beautiful clear sound. Very good looking.

    In the same range
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