Chorus 836 V
Chorus 836 V

Three-way, three woofers, five drivers in all... the floorstanding speaker Chorus 836V has no fear of (very) large spaces. High-end in sound and shape. The power of the bass will surprise you. Chorus 836 V is nothing short of a grande dame: generous and powerful but refined and subtle as well.


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Very nice


While the fit and finish of these speakers is comparable to fine furniture, I wish I could say the same about the quality of the sound. I will say the definition and clarity of sound is what I expected. After experimenting for several weeks with speaker placement and "breaking them in" I am still not satisfied with the presence or sound stage of these speakers. They are definitely in need of a subwoofer as well. The lower two octaves just aren't present.
If the sound stage improves with more break-in time I will certainly edit my review.


I like the natural sound of this speakers, Plenty of power to run and enjoy.
I would recommend to consider for buying.
I listen these speakers in direct comparison with Aria 926 and found that Arias are even more delicate, but price is twice bigger.


Excellent Experience so far




11.12 2014 I bought a pack of 5.1 speakers Focal, namely: Chorus 836V (pair), CC 800 V, Chorus 806V (pair) and SB 800V and I am of sound excited! Sound in stereo is amazing and a joy to listen to the entire CD collection and discover the hidden sounds:-) I recommend to all, and these speakers are set at 5.1 for us 80000Kč (2963 EUR) - Purchase of the Year !!!


Excellent Sound overall. Great Bass in my room and wonderful treble.


This is a great speaker for the cost. I was looking at B&W CM10's, but the price point was to much. I love the tweeters, mids, and bass from my 836v's. The sound is very life like for a price under $2000.00 for a pair.

I would recommend this speaker to anyone.


Best I have heard in this price range or double it! Love mine!


Simply awesome!!


Worth the price!
Crystal clear and very crisp sound with tight base. I am in love with these now!

Special thanks to JM Lab! Great work !


Love Them....


Great speakers!!!


i m in love with them


These speakers are the best ive had thus far. Very detailed and crisp. I wish i had an external amp to power these. Right now just a denon 4810ci. The sound is amazing and these speakers get very loud and stay clear. You will love these speakers as my ears do.


These speakers are amazing , they have great bass and detail. They amaze us each day we listen to more music , they are paired with a Nad amp and preamp,Rega turntable and Jolida tube cd player.

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