CMS 50
CMS 50

The CMS 50 is the most compact monitoring loudspeaker of all the Focal Professional range. Its design permits listening from 50cm away, while still keeping the possibility of the monitors at a great distance from one another without damaging the soundstage. The 5” mid-woofer reaches down to 55Hz, while offering a controlled bass and a totally linear midrange. The midrange register of the CMS 50 has unequalled neutrality in its price range. The Al-Mg inverted dome tweeter offers outstanding dynamics and a degree of definition in the treble that allow precise measurement of reverb and other effects which are normally very difficult to assess.
Mipa award: 100 magazines awarded the CMS 50 best studio monitor. Read the news Readers choice awards : ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International

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So far they sound very good especially for the price point. Build quality is very impressive. They seemed a bit tubby in my room until I used the -4 db cut @ 160 Hz. However, they aren't yet broken in either. Not as much presence and air as I expected but the sound seems accurate. I might use the HF shelf to boost the highs if necessary but I'm trying to run them as flat as possible. They compliment my JBL LSR4328's very nicely (The JBL's are slightly scooped IMHO). When I switch between them at the same volume I hear the loss of the bottom but it's like the mids come into focus better. I'm in about a 4 foot triangle with them but I'd like to be a little closer. They seem a bit better when I lean in to about 3 feet distance. - I just adjusted the HF to +2 and I now get the air and presence I expected. My room is well teated and probably absorbs some of the highs so this makes sense. Wow! I really like they way they sound when I switch between the Focal's and the JBL's. Making the adjustment is very easy on the ears but it's like putting a magnifying glass on the mix when I move to the Focal's. I still love the JBL's for the bottom and the wider placement as they are on the outside but the CMS 50's have a level of clarity in the mids I haven't had in any other monitor. I've been engineering 28 years and have never loved my monitors more. These revealing sound of these monitors probably can't be beat until you spend around $3,000 or more.


These are fine monitors , flat and revealing. A good mix will sound good and a bad one will sound bad. In other words they are monitors that you can easily learn to trust.
On the downside I have a problem with one of the drivers.It has this mechanical buzz on certain low frequencies almost as if there is something loose in the the driver itself. I have read that there are a few focal owners that have experienced this same thing .....

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your comment.
Please contact your dealer back to notice this issue. They will help you to fix it as quick as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


great flat response!


sounds really good


Detailed Image, True Frequency Response, Many frequency adjustments available


very happy with then


My Dreamed Nearfield for Mixing at my Home acoustic treaded room




Excellent speakers!


Great sound but have had issues with the speakers… current issue is that the power button snapped off for no reason.




A/B'ed these against Dynaudio BM5/6, Adam A7X, Yamaha HS, and the CMS50s sounded neutral and accurate on a well-known track and on previous mixes (mixed on Barefoot MM27s).

The ONLY downside to these speakers is that the combination of these and the Mbox Pro 3 yields horrible white noise. But this is a clearly an electrical issue with the Mbox and not an issue with the Focals, since a number of other balanced and unbalanced line outs gave no noise problems at all.




Very clear distortion free sound. Tweeters work very nice on these. Highly recommend these to others.


Great Product!





Outstanding Clarity with an Excellent Stereo Image. Really exploits the non-musical elements of Music | Sound | Scapes etc.

Extremely Loud, My dial hasn't gone above the 1'o'clock position but could rotate to from 9'o'clock to 7'o'clock.

Excellent product, would really like to add the sub....But I think I'd recisve an eviction notice

In the same range
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