Ariel Lavigna uses Twin 6 be monitors

Ariel Lavigna, famous Argentine sound engineer, has installed a pair of Focal Twin6 Be monitors in his Nomade Mix Studios in Buenos Aires.

Ariel Lavigna - Twin 6 Be

I was looking for a pair of monitors for my mixing room for about 5 years, until I heard Focal.

The most important thing about my monitors is that even in the first mix I did on them five years ago, the mix was incredible outstanding, far better than my previous mixes. They let me hear the music nuances and emotions other than the music´s "sound"...

I feel really confident about what I listen to in my room with the Twins, and that helps me a lot to make the right decisions.

I used to listen to two or three different monitors when mixing. Now I only rely on my Twins, even at the very low listening levels I use. They don't fatigue my ears at loud levels either, so I really enjoy setting up my mixes and listening music on them. The only possible way of changing my Focals, would be for another pair! I absolutely love them!

About Ariel Lavigna

Ari is one of the most sought after sound engineers (Pedro Aznar, Ruben Blades, Mercedes Sosa, Bob Telson, Marisa Monte...) in Argentina and Latin America, with almost 25 years of making records. He has recorded or mixed many best selling, Gardel and Grammy awarded albums. He has also won 5 Gardel Awards for Best Engineering in the last 8 years.


ABOUT twin 6 be

These monitoring speakers are the most versatile of the SM6 line from the Focal Professional range. Designed for registering, mixing and mastering, they integrate the best Focal technologies such as W sandwich cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Neutrality, precision, definition and transparency are its true assets.

Twin 6 Be - Ari Lavigna