Chris Prinzivalli

(Sound engineer - Julio Iglesias and Cindy Lauper)

We usually used a pair of Genelecs and KRKs, we replaced the Genelecs with the Focals and everyone loved them. Everyone that sits in front of them is astounded. I bring the Twin6 Be monitors to the studio and put them up and people exclaim "Wow these things are immaculate.

About Chris Prinzivalli

Chris Prinzivalli is a sound engineer from United-States.


ABOUT twin 6 be

These monitoring speakers are the most versatile of the SM6 line from the Focal Professional range. Designed for registering, mixing and mastering, they integrate the best Focal technologies such as W sandwich cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Neutrality, precision, definition and transparency are its true assets.

Twin 6 Be