Jeff Juliano

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The Twin6 Be monitors are the best that I’ve used in terms of studio-to-consumer listening translation. They really translate: what I hear in the studio is what the outside world hears, in my experience. The Twin6 Be is the first powered monitor that I’ve heard that you don’t have to be afraid of hearing in the mid-range. You get the mids really kicking and it’s fine.
Listening back to mixes I’ve done on the NS10s through the Focal Professional, it kind of scares me because I hear top-end distortion that I wasn’t hearing in the NS10s, I was so used to using them, I thought I knew them. With the Focal Professional there wasn’t a learning curve, it actually spooked me at first.

About Jeff Juliano

Jeff Juliano is a sound engineer from United-States.


ABOUT twin 6 be

These monitoring speakers are the most versatile of the SM6 line from the Focal Professional range. Designed for registering, mixing and mastering, they integrate the best Focal technologies such as W sandwich cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Neutrality, precision, definition and transparency are its true assets.

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