Ken Van Druten

Sound engineer - "Live From The Roxy" Slash, Kiss, Limp Bizkit, Likin Park ... 3 nominations to Grammy Awards

I actually own several types of high-end speakers. I still use them for reference, but I Mix on the Focal Solo6 Be now. This was the first time I used Solo6 Be for a project it came out spectacularly. I was really impressed by these speakers.
What I found most interesting with the Solo6 Be was the amount of time I could spend mixing without getting fatigued. I found the Solo6 Be to be very accurate while traveling to other reference speakers. What you put in to the Solo6 Be, you get out: very accurate.

I have played the Slash mixes for many people and they are great - and of course give me all the credit. They don't know that my secret weapon was the Solo6s. I love my new Focal Solo6 Be and you will have to pry them from my cold dead hands in order to take them away from me...

About Ken Van Druten

Ken Van Druten is a sound engineer from United-States.


About Solo6 Be

The Solo6 Be monitor will surprise you in the very first minutes you spend with it, partly due to its size/extended bass response (40Hz at -3dB). The 6.5" “W” composite sandwich mid-woofer combines neutrality in the midrange, fullness in the midbass register and bass control. Its compactness and the choice of a large front laminar port guarantee easy integration in studios that need a near field monitor without any acoustic compromise. The user settings on the back of the Solo6 Be, combined with its compactness, make it easy to carry and to adjust according to the acoustics of each studio.

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