Hifi speakers installation

Branchements enceintesHifi speakers connections

It is imperative to respect the connector polarity of both the hifi speakers and amplifier. The positive terminal “+” must be connected to the corresponding (matching) amplifier’s terminal and the negative terminal “-“ to the negative terminal (fig. A). Stereo image, soundstaging and bass perception would be seriously compromised if these conditions were not respected.

Magnetic disturbance

With the exception of shielded hifi speakers (often centre speakers reproducing the channel, designed to be close to the screen), speakers generate a loss magnetic field which can disturb the operation of certain appliances (Screen, player, console, computer…). We strictly advise against the use of such front speakers (bookshelf and floorstanding speakers)  less than 50cm away from a cathodic television, which is highly sensitive to this phenomenon. Its image and the colours can be seriously distorted by the field from an overly close speaker. On the other hand, plasma or LCD television are not sensible to the magnetic disturbance. No sensitive elements (cassettes, magnetic data storage, CRT video projectors and rear projectors…) should be placed immediately near non-shielded speakers.

Focal Hifi centre speakers are shielded.

Emplacement speakers