Roberto Laghi

"In Flames" producer

When I was signed on to work with In Flames on their previous release ”A Sense Of Purpose” a couple of years ago I brought my Focal Twin6/Sub6 setup to the sessions at In Flames own studio IF Studios.
When we were done the guys in the band would not allow me to take down the Focal´s because they sounded so much better than the other speaker brand installed in their control rooms!
Since then they had to install Focal monitors in every room at IF Studios and of course I had to stay as well, where I have been producing records ever since.

These monitors are like heavy drugs, highly addictive. Only these are good for you!

About Roberto Laghi

Roberto Laghi is a producer from Sweden.


ABOUT twin 6 be

These monitoring speakers are the most versatile of the SM6 line from the Focal Professional range. Designed for registering, mixing and mastering, they integrate the best Focal technologies such as W sandwich cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Neutrality, precision, definition and transparency are its true assets.

Twin 6 Be - Ari Lavigna