Recommended power

In general, it is not excess amplifier power that risks damaging a loudspeaker or its speakers, but rather a lack of power. Indeed, if the sound level is too high, the amplifier will get saturated and generate interference signals, which can destroy the tweeter. We indicate the recommended power for each amplifier on all Focal loudspeaker technical and specification sheets.

Personal taste in terms of amplifier choice

Focal loudspeakers have high dynamic capacity and definition, which means that they highlight the qualities and defects of the amplifiers used with them. It is preferable to listen to a range of different loudspeaker/amplifier combinations and/or listen to the advice of someone knowledgeable to ensure that you select an amplifier that enhances the high quality of your Focal loudspeakers, providing you with the sound color that will give you the greatest satisfaction. Your dealer will be able to guide you in your choice, according to your tastes and budget.

Choice of cables

Choose quality cables with a cross-section appropriate to the distance between the amplifier and the loudspeakers as well as the necessary power to supply the latter. Your dealer will be able to advise you on this. Please consult the page on this subject: Speaker cabling.