Frequently Asked Questions - Car Audio

How to improve the sound from your loudspeakers?

To improve the sound from your Car Audio speakers, in particular when fitted in car doors, Focal strongly recommends that you use an absorbing material such as "Plain-Chant" (ask your Focal dealer for details). Also ensure that mounting supports are sufficiently rigid and do not resonate.

Which power for your Car Audio amplifier?

As your loudspeakers give high levels of reproduction when used with a "high power" car radio, they will procure a sufficient acoustic level for listening comfort. However, if you want a higher level, and above all, higher sound quality, simply combine them with a Focal amplifier that delivers nominal power equivalent to the nominal power of your loudspeakers. The amplifier must not become saturated otherwise it may, through distortion, cause irreparable damage to the loudspeakers.

How to find your Focal dealer?

Consult our list of professional Focal dealers

Which cables to use for my installation?

A quality cable (OFC = cable made from copper without oxygen) with a sufficiently large cross-section (minimum 2.5 mm2) is recommended, particularly if the amplifier is far from the loudspeaker.

Which cross-section of power supply cable to use?

Tableau de section des câbles d'alimentation

A question on Focal solutions or technologies?

If you cannot find the answer to your question on the Focal website, please do not hesitate to contact us or ask your Focal dealer for advice. This a new section. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we we will give you the information you are attented oftently.