Research & Development

Technology at the forefront of innovation

Since its creation, Focal has developped a unique expertise regards to speaker drivers, being one of the rare loudspeaker brand to manufacture their own speaker drivers and to offer a technological identity against the competition with numerous innovative concepts.

Accordingly, all of Focal’s developments are carried out internally, using a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers.

Together they:

  • study different speaker models;
  • use a laboratory-based vehicle to study automotive systems. All research and development is carried-out in situ;
  • study Home and Pro loudspeakers, with an anechoic chamber and two adjustment auditoriums facilitating listening-measuring correlation;
  • study various production processes and create the machines and tools required;
  • work on the conception and design call for the most up-todate 3D CAD software in order to integrate the fundamental stylistic elements right from the start.

This innovative brand has constantly set the pace in the acoustics market.

As early as 1980, the brand set itself apart from the rest with its dual voice coil speaker driver that delivers an impressive response in bass reproduction for small speakers.

A year later, this achievement was repeated with Focal’s rigid inverted dome tweeter whose design gives wide dispersion and dynamic treble.

It was also Focal who took the sandwich concept to its peak with the “W” cone system, by using a glass-glass structure around a structural foam frame; a system which the brand is constantly improving, allowing for perfect optimization of the frequency response curve!

Once again, after two years of Research and Development, it was Focal who was at the origins of the first moulding of a pure Beryllium inverted dome (the only metal capable of scratching glass, Beryllium is the material of choice for tweeter cones as it combines very low mass with stiffness) making it possible to span over five octaves (1000 Hz - 40 kHz)!

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