Studio Honolulu

Two years ago, the Honolulu studio bet on the Twin6 Be to record the new album of Little Bob Story: total satisfaction from the musicians and producer and sound engineer!

Since then, we are completely satisfied with any mixing we make, any recording, such as Craig Walker, Archive’s ex-singer, or André Messenger Symphonic Orchestra mixing, so satisfied that we have ordered a pair of SM9!

Meanwhile, the icing on the cake is a pair of CMS 40.

About Studio Honolulu

Studio Honolulu is a recording studio in France.


ABOUT twin 6 be

These monitoring speakers are the most versatile of the SM6 line from the Focal Professional range. Designed for registering, mixing and mastering, they integrate the best Focal technologies such as W sandwich cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Neutrality, precision, definition and transparency are its true assets.

Twin 6 Be - Ari Lavigna