Integrated hifi speakers

Connecting Focal integrated hifi speakers


Focal proposes a range of high fidelity speakers designed to be flush-fitted into walls or ceilings, for high definition music in total discretion… in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Integrated speakers installation

Connecting the speakers

The input sockets ensure reliable multipurpose connections for stripped cables as well as for plugs. It is imperative to respect the connector polarity of both the loudspeaker and amplifier. The positive terminal “+” must be connected to the corresponding (matching) amplifier’s terminal and the negative terminal “ “ to the negative terminal (fig. A). Stereo image, soundstaging and bass perception would be seriously compromised if these conditions were not respected. Don’t underestimate the importance of the cable: make sure you chose the appropriate section and length. Let your retailer advise you.

Mounting of the hifi speakers

This should be carried out after all of the cables have been fitted. We recommend that you use a marked cable in order to conserve the polarity of the speakers (+/-).

  • Cut the dry wall using the template supplied (fig. B). Be sure to check that this is perfectly vertical using a spirit level before you begin cutting.
  • Check construction plans of your room to make sure that you are not drilling into a pipe, an electrical cable or any other specialised installations behind the wall.

Mounting of the speakers

Integrated speakers placement

This Focal loudspeakers have been engineered to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction, whether they are used for music or  home
cinema. In order to enhance their performance, to guarantee a high quality of listening, sound image and tone balance, it is important to note the following basic rules. The listening area must be located at the summit of an equilateral triangle whose two other points of  insertion are determined by the position of each speaker. Nevertheless it is possible to modify these distances to find an ideal compromise according to the particular disposition of the room (fig. F).

Each hifi loudspeaker must be placed at the same height and on the same floor plan. The tweeter should be at the same height as the listener’s ear, when the listener is in his usual listening area (fig. G).

Magnetic disturbance

Like all hifi speakers, flush-fitted speakers generate a magnetic loss field which can disturb the operation of certain appliances. Therefore we strictly advise against using such speakers less than 50cms away from a television set for example, highly sensitive to this type of phenomenon (possible distortion of images, colours…). No sensitive elements (cassettes, hard disks, projectors, etc.) must be placed in immediate proximity to non-shielded speakers.

Custum integrated hifi loudspeakers

Loudspeakers painting

If you wish, you can paint your speaker to match your room. We advise that you paint the grille and the housing of the speaker separately. For the frame: remove the grille and place the paint mask in position to protect the drivers.

Surround and center speakers placement

The soundtrack mix for a film or music encoded in multichannel format is very complex and allows the listener to benefit from a wide range of special sound effects, which require the use of effect channel speakers. In order to obtain a realistic 3D soundstage, the placement of the speakers is decisive, even when confronted with a restrictive disposition of the listening room. For enhanced performances, the following elements should be noted. Central channel speakers should be placed close to the TVscreen to obtain a proper placement and a realistic reproduction of the dialog (fig. Ha). They could be placed below or above the TV-screen if your TV-unit permits. If a standart projection screen is used, the central channel speaker must be placed under the screen. If an acoustically transparent projection screen is used, the central channel speaker can be placed behind and at the bottom of the screen. Avoid placing the effect speakers too far from the listening area otherwise the sound perception will be altered. In order to obtain surround effects, with great sound density we advise you to place the speakers against the sidewalls on each side of the listening room (fig. Hb, Hd). You can use an in-ceilling surround speakers (fig. Hc) or for back center surround channel for 6.1 or 7.1 configuration.

Placement des enceintes intégrées

Tweeter adjustment

To carry out adjustments, use the switch level located on the front baffle of the speaker as follows (fig. I). Adjust the tweeter facing the listening area (except IC 105) (fig.J).

 Focal Integrated hifi systems