Frequently asked questions - Speakers

Hi-fi or Home Cinema?

There is no universal answer! It is truly a question of taste and use! For more information, please visit the page: Hi-fi or Home Cinema.

Do I need a bass speaker (subwoofer)?

Stereo sound involves 2 channels (right and left). Audiophile systems are optimised and designed to reproduce this signal via two channels (some musical recordings are made for a different number of channels but these remains marginal and experimental). However, a bass speaker will be necessary if your speakers are unable to reproduce the lowest frequencies. This is generally the case for small-sized speakers. Floorstanding speakers make it possible to do away with the subwoofer. In Home Cinema, signals are designed for multi-channel sound (5.1, 7.1, etc.). One channel is dedicated to the bass speaker. Therefore it is preferable to incorporate one into your installation even though other speakers (front, surround) are capable of descending to low frequencies.

Which cables to choose?

It is important to pay attention to your installation cabling in order to optimise speaker performance. Poor quality cables can disturb end sound reproduction quality. More information on speaker cabling.

Floorstanding loudspeakers or bookshelf loudspeakers?

Floorstanding type loudspeakers take up less floor space, are elegantly designed and have considerable internal volume. Therefore, they can incorporate a greater number of speakers than bookshelf loudspeakers. By dedicating one speaker (or more, with sufficiently large diameters) to bass frequencies, floorstanding loudspeakers do away with the need for subwoofers, particularly for Hi-fi use. Bookshelf loudspeakers can be mounted on furniture or on stands. More discreet, bookshelf loudspeakers are nevertheless less powerful and will often descend to less lower frequencies than floorstanding loudspeakers.

How to find a dealer?

Use the dealer search module available on the website.

How to set up my loudspeakers?

Please refer to dedicated pages in the Technical Dossiers section: Stereo hi-fi speaker & Home Cinema speaker set-up.

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