Setting the amplifier gain

Settings are optimised on the Solid car amplifier range. The principle is the same for the majority of Car Audio quality amplifiers. 

This page explains the simple procedure to follow for optimal amplifier gain setting.

Necessary equipment:

  • Voltmeter (AC setting)
  • Focal tools or frequency test CD (supplied with all Solid and Focal Power Symmetric line amplifiers).

Procedure to follow

  1. Disconnect your Ca Audio amplifier from your speakers.
  2. Adjust the gain to the minimum setting.
  3. Start your engine.
  4. Check whether your car radio is in its original configuration: bass/treble at 0, balance/fader in the centre, equalizer on FLAT and set at three quarters of its maximum volume.
  5. Insert the Focal tools CD - a. Solid 1: Adjust the cut-off frequency to 150 Hz – Track 14 (50Hz); b. Solid 2 & 4: Set to Full position – Track 27 (1kHz)
  6. Connect the voltmeter to the output terminals that you wish to set.
  7. Gradually increase the gain until you reach the reference value in the following table.
 Solid 1Solid 2Solid 4
Bridgé 4Ω 26V28,5V28,5V