Proud Of My Alphas...
Focal and pureMix are proud to offer you the opportunity to win a training session with sound engineer Fab Dupont in New York and or a selection of Focal products, by sharing the most best...
Take Focal with You...
Airbus Corporate Jets and Focal have created a partnership with Focal designing the sound systems within the latest concept eco ACJ320neo business jets. The concept, dubbed ‘Melody’ was...

Conditions of Focal guarantee and legal mentions

Legal mentions

Thank you for choosing Focal. We are happy you share our passion for the “Spirit of Sound”. Designed using the latest technology, these products continue Focal’s perfectionist believes, developing products with high power handling, and unrivalled sound quality.


In the unlikely event of any problem, please contact your Focal retailer. Outside of France, all Focal speakers are covered by the guarantee drawn up by the official Focal distributor in your country. Your distributor can provide all details concerning the conditions of guarantee.
Guarantee cover extends at least the legal minimum period in force in the country where the original purchase invoice was issued.

Personal data

Focal-JMlab is the only recipient of these data. They will not be forwarded or sold or exchanged to third parties. The collected pieces of information are subject to electronic processing designed to keep you informed about the company or product news.
In application to the law of January 6th 1978, modified in 2004, you can access, correct and modify your personal data by addressing your request by:

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    Service Communication
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