Focal XS 2.1
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Focal XS 2.1

Dynamic and Powerfull Studio quality Focal multimedia sound

Three amplifiers are integrated inside the subwoofer, 70W RMS for the bass, 2x30W RMS for the speakers. To be placed under your desk, on the floor. A set-up of the bass level permits to adapt to the room acoustics and proportions. Then, you can forget about it. The volume adjustment can be made on the dock or with the remote control.

AC recharging and synchronization.
“Made for iMac” or ... PC, no need for driver

Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

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Sounds great so far! Only downer is that the battery in the remote control is dead, even though the protective plastic sheet was still there. A trip to the drugstore is in order.


Excellent desktop sound stage. I'm fortunate to work from home and enjoy the accuracy and balance of the XS 2.1 set up in my home office. Of course they look great as well.


High Quality Speakers for a decent size room


I rate this at 4.5 / 5

Got this at a discounted price. Even though I suspect it is an old stock and there were plenty of micro scratches on the glossy stands and some dents on the sub and speaker. But from my experience using this for 30 minutes so far, sounds quite good. Old stock, old model but good speakers don't get old with time. Not too much.


Bought a demo unit from Sweetwater in order to save 50% as I'm a disabled vet and live off a VA check. Thought I would get a great product at a great price. Woofer DOA. Turns off 2 or 3 seconds after turned on.

Extremely disappointed. I got half a system for half the normal price. I guess I can't really complain, but I won't be buying another set of these to replace this unit.

DEMO means slightly used - not inoperative.

Cheers. - Frank


Shipped with European power cord. Need North American power cord for Canada.

Hi Chris,

I invite you to contact directly your dealer in order to have the correct cord for Canada.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Great speakers!


Disappointed that usb input uses only direct sound for listening to internet content. Sounds good with iTunes and JRiver.


Exceptional sound and imaging. One fuss point: the docking station doesn't fit the latest generation of IPODs.


Some good speakers, with a wide spector of tones, who make them fit for every kind of music or sound.


Great sound with clarity. Better than Creative


Could not be happier!


Que vous soyez attentif aux détails sonores ou que vous aimez vous plonger dans une atmosphère musicale, ce produit remplira sa mission. Ma liste musicale est plutôt hétéroclite est pourtant j'ai pu capter l'essentiel du spectre que j'avais l'habitude de découvrir avec des enceintes de très haute qualité. Petit plus, je travaille avec Final Cut Pro, j'aime passer du casque à l'enceinte, aspect bien pratique plus que les enceintes sont connectées avec le Port USB, donc pas forcement besoin de retirer un Jack etc. Sur un point plus personnel, Le Focal XS 2.1 n'est pas forcément le nom de code le plus adapté, Focal aurais pu lui donner le nom de "Symphonie ou Concerto". Bravo pour le travail accompli


Very clear and neutral sound, just sub is kind of on the lower side but I hope once it breaks in it will be more tighter.


Refurbished sound great. I'm wondering however if they are going to malfunction.


wonderful system


Can you pls let me know how can i connect it with my new LED sony with optical ( audio) output ?


These things sound awesome in all aspects.


Great speakers for what they are. They are a little outdated now with the lighting dock connecter being released. I wish the manual gave suggestions for optimal placement of the speakers.

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