Spirit Classic
Spirit Classic

Closed back, circumaural Hi-Fi headphones

Spirit Classic headphones have been designed for audiophiles and music lovers.

A warm sound combined with the dynamics of the transducers will enable you to find the pleasure of listening to all of your music with wonderful details. Spirit Classic’s sound tuning is perfect for listening at home: extended low end, a detailed mid-range and linear top end for a lighter, open sound: all you would expect from Focal!

Spirit Classic give its best when the user is at home in a relatively quiet background. There is no need to mask the surrounding noise to enjoy a faithful listening session. Its frequency response curve has been sculpted accordingly: flat in low frequencies, Spirit Classic has around 3dB less bass in comparison to Spirit One. 

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high-performance cone

Spirit Classic is born from the combination of Focal’s latest developments in headphones micro-acoustics as well as our legendary know-how in the design of high-performance transducers. They are made of mylar and titanium in highly reduced thicknesses in order to reproduce the most tiny details with the greatest dynamic.
The cone is true to the "Spirit of Sound" philosophy: mass, stiffness and damping are all controlled for dynamic, lifelike sound.
The Spirit Classic's baffle design has improved high frequency linearity and smoothness and has increased the treble response slightly above 2kHz compared to Spirit One.

Excellent insulation and outstanding comfort

The headband and the memory foam ear cushions are perfectly sized for optimal comfort and insulation. 

Key Features

  • High-dynamic, faithful music reproduction
  • Matched 40 mm transducers
  • Light cone (86 mg as against a market average of 110 mg), giving faster acceleration for more dynamic signal response
  • Stiff, no-deformation Mylar/Titanium cone dome for signal reproduction with no added distortion
  • Memory foam ear cushions: Optimal comfort and sound insulation
  • Low impedance 4 m OFC cable
  • Cable with call management controls for use with portable devices


Cable hifi 4m
4m hi-fi detachable cable

OFC with low impedance

Cable nomade 1,4m
1.4m straight detachable cable

OFC with low impedance
Remote control (micro/calls)

Adaptateur Jack 3,5/6,35
Jack connector 3.5/6.35mm

Gold plated



Focal in the press





These phones are excellent in their prime, but the drivers are not holding up to the test of time.


Great Sound, less than stellar build quality


Finally owned one


It broke at the hinge , i am very disappointed and am not sure what to do . I spent a lot of money purchasing Focal due to its reputation and now i am left with a broken headphone.

Dear Praveen,

I am sorry about that.
I invite you to contact your dealer back who will ensure the After Sales Service of your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Solid sound, a bit laid-back. Not as detailed as Focal Spirit Pro's. Ok sound isolation. Earpads on a bit smaller side, same as Pros.
Headpand does not have cushion on the bottom part, which lays on top of your head, but there is cushion on the top of the headpand, very weird combination as after longer usage sessions the headpand might get a bit painful.

I have had mine on light usage, some 150 to 200 hours of usage time during 2 years since purchase. After some time of use I was feeling as if the left driver started to fade in sound volume. Now trying them after not using them for months the left driver has become almost totally mute!

If there would not be comfort issue with headpand and the driver would not fail so soon I would rate them overall as 4/5.


Love the sound and the fact that these are a little smaller. The cords for this one seem much higher quality.


I am very pleased with the quality of sound I am getting through the headphones and their ability to block out outside sounds


Positive:As a happy owner of BE speakers, Iought these 1 and half year ago, I use them only with my stereo equipement, so they perfectly matches each other, or even enriches. Sound quality is worth every euro cent spent on them.
Negative: cable quality.Few times i was using short cable and as a result short cable got corrupted - sound is misisng in right side. Got replacement



Dear David,

I am sorry about the issue experienced with your headphones.
I invite you to contact your dealer to fix it as quick as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Beautiful, clean sound. You truly hear the music as it was intended.




Great headphones. Got them on sale. Best closed back headphones I have heard. Burned them in for 100 hours.
Thanks. Like the long cable as they will be for home use only.


Earphone cushion has hardened and is torn. How do I go about getting a replacement?


I am sorry about this issue.
Please contact the local distributor who will be able to help you:

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Could use bigger ear cups


Excellent Sound


Superb headphone. Smooth detailed sound. Versatile suitable for all genres and for use with any quality source. Easily driven. Luxurious finish and comfort.


I would like to purchase a carrying-case like the Spirit One S has, do you sell them seperately?
Thanks for making a first-choice and excellent product!

Hi Maarten,

Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, the carrying case cannot be sold separately from the Spirit One S.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Very good sound and quality.


Great value in the high end sound category. Neutral yet authoritative tonal balance and staging


Rich, yet with detail and clarity - a beautiful sound. My only negative is the tightness on the head, but I will try very hard to get used to this because the sound is not something I want to change.


Beautiful rich, yet clear and detailed sound. A little tight on the head though. I think I will just try and get used to that though - sonically, they really are a joy.


Great sounding headphones.


It is the best closed headset I have used at this price.But you know there are some congenital defects about the closed headset,so I look foward to a high-grade open headset made by Focal in France.


One of the two sides does not work. Would like someone to contact me at 440 823 5354 or Thank you'

Hi Paul,

I am really sorry about the issue encountered. To fix it, you have to contact back your dealer or the local distributor, Audio Plus Services :

Marine, Community Manager Focal


I bought these headphones back in May. After 3 weeks of use with the utmost care the joints in the headband cracked to the extent that the headphones cannot be used. A waste of money and a pity, as sound quality was really good.

Hi Daniel,

I am really sorry about the issue encountered with your Spirit Classic.
I invite you to contact your dealer as soon as possible in fix it.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


The sound is so perfect. The pressure on the ears is there, but i got used to it pretty quick. Now it doesn't bother me that much anymore.


Great Headphones. Please add a hardcase for road wartiors


Absolutely stunning sound. Balanced, with a nice low end, enough oumph and it just sounds so lively. A beautiful headphone, really good looking.


Tried Nad viso p50, Shure SRH1540, Sennheiser momentum, BD DT770.
Soundwise the classics are my favourites. Very unfortunatly I could not stand the pressure of the headband on the middle of my head. Cups also get a bit warm. I realy hope focal improves on comfort.


Excellent headphone at this price. Great sound. Could have changeable ear pads though.


the Classic sounds great, a nice warm tonality overall. Great bass, sweet and forwarded vocal and non-fatigue treble. The build quality needs more improvement though, I had my pair for 2 weeks and a crack on the right side of the headphones already appeared. I had sent my pair back to the distributor for repair/replace and should be getting it back this week.

Also, I found that the headband is pressing the top of my head really hard, it's either I have a pointed head or the headband needs more padding as I did notice that there are more padding on the outside of the headband and merely any on the inside. Also, any recommendation/suggestion about how do I add more padding to the headband? Is it possible for me to deconstruct the headband and inserting more padding to it? Please let me know Focal, it would me the Focal Spirit Classic my most favourite headphones once the comfort issue is solved.

Hi Ash,

Thank you for your comment and feedback.
It is unfortunately impossible to open the headband to insert more padding. This is would cancel your headphones' warranty.
However, I will forward your comment to our Product Manager for future improvements.

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Best sound i've heard from a closed back headphone, but i've to give it a 2 star only rating because of the really really BAD building quality and the uncomfortable head band design. Cheap plastic construction!! This is my second pair. The first pair ear pad connector crack and double side tape don't hold half of the ear pad, it just fall off the ear cup during open box, the second pair ball join cover starting to crack proximity just 1 month after purchase, i've not put it on my head for more than 20 times. The headband padding is thin to nothing, the shape don't distribute pressure and the weight evenly on head made it really uncomfortable in a short time.

Hi Choi,

First of all I am really sorry about the issue encountered with your headphones. Be sure that I will forward your comment to our Product Manager so that we can constantly improve our products.
As your headphones are still under warranty, do not hesitate contacting back your dealer to fix it as quick as possible.

Best regards,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


I am very satisfied with the sound quality which is superior to my other headphones (B&W P7 and B&O Play H6).


Fantastic headphones! Detailed, elegant sound, awesome sound isolation, comfortable, handsome design.


Fantastic product! Be carefull if you have a very small head. I'm 55cm and the clamping force is at it's minimum.


GREAT SOUND!! But my left headphone squeaks from the swivel on the left headphones very annoying it squeaks everytime i move..


I am just received today,I am not to be using it yet.


So far they sound good. Tight on the head.


BEAUTIFUL. I am now a brand representative. I will sell your products free of charge!


The price is 499 Singapore dollars which is not in the currency list.


Taking to another step for mp3 audio listening


Simply a great headphone: sound, comfort and quality just fully meets my expectations!


Classic and Professional are both better than their smaller brother. While Spirit Professional is a evolution from spirit one, the Classic seems to be a ramification, being different than it’s brothers but managing to keep the house sound. While Professional has better imaging, transparency and details, Classic has a smooth presentation reminding me of HD650 with added energy, extended treble and a full sound with a wonderful bass that reminds me of Audeze LCD-2. They are also very comfortable and with a good isolation.

I have the classic on my head while writing this. The instruments have such nice tactility and presence that I have the impressions they are inside the cup, especially with drums and guitars. I absolutely love the drums on these!

Spirit Classic is my favorite sealed headphone at the moment. I love them so much I bought a pair for myself!

Read my full review here:


Superb Headphones . Much better than some other hi-fi product with much higher price . Keep up the great work .


Superb Headphones . Much better than some other hi-fi product with much higher price . Keep up the great work .

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