Spirit Professional
Spirit Professional

Closed back, circumaural professional headphones

Spirit Professional headphones have been specifically designed to meet the expectations and requirements of Recording Studios, Home Studios and Broadcasting Studios.

Reference Studio Headphones

The extreme care paid to the design of the Mylar - Titanium alloy transducer enabled us to combine rigidity, lightness and high damping properties to preserve the dynamics of the audio signal and to provide remarkably neutral sound without any distortion. The highly accurate reproduction of bass frequencies will reveal
the smallest defects in the mix, while avoiding acoustic constraints of the workspace. Spirit Professional offers excellent acoustic insulation to address the constraints of the often noisy environments specific to Broadcasting and Home Studios.

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Resistance and optimal comfort

On average, users tend to use headphones for extended periods of time, so we purposely focused our efforts on making Spirit Professional as comfortable as possible by using large memory-foam ear cushions which surround the whole ear as well as spread and minimise the amount of pressure felt by the user.

Finally, the textured black finish is highly shock- and scratch-resistant, a necessary quality considering how often this professional equipment will be used.

Key points

  • Acoustic transparency and ease of use
  • Precise and detailed sound reproduction, without distortion
  • Excellent isolation and acoustic coupling to the ear
  • Total control of the audio band
  • Optimal comfort


Cable spiralé 4m
4m spiral detachable cable

OFC with low impedance

Cable droit 1m
1.4m straight detachable cable

OFC with low impedance
Remote control (micro/calls)

Adaptateur Jack 3,5/6,35
Jack connector 3.5/6.35mm

Gold plated



Focal in the press



Super sound, use them in home studio and occasional listening to music. Finishing is great however they are not the most confortable headphones out there.




They deliver an amazing sound to work on the studio!


Only had them a day, but so far they sound amazing. They can really expose a bad mix, which doesn't make them very multi-purpose; the general listening experience can suffer in a lot of scenarios - so make sure you buy them for production/mixing first and foremost!

They're not the best fit in the world so I recommend trying them on somewhere first! They can be a bit fatiguing but they are still new and very tight.

I'm going to give them 4 stars but they're a very close 5


very good headphones good sound


Love the sound, great for mixing


These would be the perfect headphones if they were built better. What is the headband made out of plastic and not metal. These are the most accurate pair of headphones I have ever heard. Just why? Cost savings in production?


I'm pretty happy with the quality of sound- just want to see how they shape up as I use them over and over- and waiting to see how it enhances my work and it's experience!


Great cans.


I needed a detailed, closed-back headphone to mix with, with as flat as possible frequancy response. These headphones paired with Sonarworks' headphone calibration DAW plugin give me that.


I want to shout out to Trina Jensen of focal North America. Great Service and Thanks for the Replacement.



Excellent recording and mixing experience!


would like to have a hard case for them


Great sound (5 stars), unfortunately after using it in the studio (only) they cracked, and Focal support are not answering any of my e-mails anymore, despite the fact that they said they will exchange the headphones few months back! Thanks.

Dear Dins,

I am sorry to hear that.
I invite you to contact your dealer back who is in charge of ensuring After Sales Service for your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Soundquality is top class! Somewhat neutral, which I prefer and more precise/accurate than Focal Classics which I also own. Earpads could be bigger, many other people also have mentioned them to be a bit too small.

Build quality is a big issuse with them, on several forums people have talked their headpand to crack and same happened to my Pro's. Started with a small crack and now it has broken heavily to be unable to wear them anymore.
Pro's are less than 1 year old since I bought them and I would estimate them to have around 300 to 400 hours of usage.

Would give them 5/5 if they would not have minor comfort issuses and the major issue known with headpand craking, which for me occured only after less than 1 year of usage!

Dear Sami,

I am sorry about the issue with your Spirit Professional headphones. I invite you to contact your dealer back, they will ensure the After Sale Service of your product.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


First off, I want to say that this headphone has amazing clarity.. However, I believe that there is an issue with the construction of the headband. I've had these headphones replaced twice now due to the headband cracking. it is now over a year since my original purchase which I believe is past the manufacture warranty so I imagine I'm stuck with the defective headphones .. Kinda disappointing considering how much I enjoy the sound of these great headphones but I can not justify purchasing for the long term if this problem persists :(



I just got them today and the packaging was very nice. I tried on the headphones and they fit on my ears like clouds. I have not tried mixing with them yet, but very soon I will try them out.


I wanted to buy this headphones after all this positive reviews about the sound, but I gave up after I read the negative ones, about plastic cracks. It's just too expensive and risky for me. This is a serious problem, and you are a serious company. I like your studio monitors sound, I expect the same from these headphones, but that issue is just too risky for me. Are there any indication about solving this problem?

Thanks in advance.


First of all, thank you for your comment.
Thanks to our customers' feedbacks, we constantly improve and reinforce our products. Morevoer, please note that if you have any issue, your dealer will exchange your product under warranty.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


great headphones


Incredible sound


I just bought a pair of your Spirit Professionals today. They seem to work fie with the straight cable but there is a large amount of noise and static with the coiled cable. Is there something that I can do or is there any way that you could send me a replacement coiled cable to see if that helps? Thanks, John C. Tiller

Dear John,

I invite you to contact directly the US distributor, Audio Plus Services, who will help you:

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


These are amazing headphones!!!


Yet to use. They look decent and are lightweight for the specs.


Very accurate reference headphones! Not hyped in the lows and highs like most headphones. Great for mixing and mastering for sure!


The sound quality and isolation are impressive given the price range. Aim to use these for my work as a sound engineer.

Only gripe is that the fit is quite tight on my head. I know the tight clamping is a design choice, but I had to pull the extenders all the way out to ensure I fit the cups on my ears properly. Even then it's a close fit. I've never had to do this for other reference headphones, and there's usually more than enough extension on most.


The best i have ever heard


For starters I have used headphones for sleep for over 30 yrs due to significant issues with tinnitus and up to a few yrs ago was very ignorant on "high end" audio products. I thought that it would not matter for me since my hearing is aweful.....BUT I was wrong. With my nagging me.....(bless her) she said: "just get a good set and be done with it" as I found most headphone wiring will give out in about 2 to 3 yrs. These would be those that cost 50 dollars. Enter the focal and I audio world changed. I kept asking my wife in bed what she was saying with the headphones my surprise, she didn't say anything.....I WAS HEARING VOCALS in the music for the first time and thought it was my wife talking to me. The clarity is bar none the best I have ever the bad......

These are NOT durable at all. My first pair cracked as with most complaints people has had so far within 6 months. I took it to the shop and they replace it and yesterday I just noted that its cracking again!!! I thought it was me the first time but apparently this is a known issue with the professional series. I'm sorry to say that once the warranty is done and it cracks again, I will not purchase another focal product unless they change to steel or some carbon fiber to fix the flaw.


sound so great, really flat response


Just out the box and listened to a few tracks but so far, they are very very good!


Headband has cracked.

Dear Chandan,

I am sorry to hear that, if your headphones are still under warranty, I invite you to contact back your dealer to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Great! Comfortable. Plenty of range of adjustment and very light on the ears. Tremendous sound quality - but this is what I expected from a Focal product. thank you very much.




Very Balanced! I hear much more in the middle frequencies.


Fantastic headphones, very pleased.




Excellent headphones. Flat frequency response, crystal clear detail and separation between instrument tracks. A great mixing tool with sound isolation to boot.

Build-wise, light but strong with very soft and comfortable ear pads (I have fallen asleep while wearing them).

If you are using a laptop to mix and do not have access to quality monitors or a well-treated room, you will not find better in this price range. They are also a great adjunct to monitors.

Highly recommended.


These headphones are GREAT, but! I have to complain, I've had them for just over a year and the headband is about to be busted, can i get a replacement headband somehow?

Dear Marcelo,

I am sorry to hear that.
Please contact back your dealer to replace your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


The headband will break even under light use. No matter how many replacements they provide, it will break. This needs to be redesigned. I don't even want the replacements any more, I'll just count these as a lost.


Sound very good! Uncolored, flat frequency response, highly detailed, good dynamics and excellent isolation(as good as my dt 770m drummer but with far better sound. Barely have em broke in and already love em. We're somewhat uncomfortable to wear for long periods for the first 8 hours of use. I estimate I've used them for about 12 hours now and they're pretty comfortable to wear for long periods now. Much better bass response than my HD280's. Satisfied!


Very natural sounding headphones ever i had. thank you guys


Hope the band will not crack as the Spirit One S did. Spirit Pro were kindly offered as warranty exchange.


Amazing product. Can be a little tight and cause headaches and sounds best through a high quality amplifier.


I absolutely love the sound quality. But one of the headbands has been defective since I opened the box. It was only a bit loose, so I never bothered to get a replacement as it was only a nuisance.

The headband snapped today while I was adjusting it to better fit my ears and I am very disappointed, as I work professionally with them.


Just put them on and I love them already!!!


Sounds good


Great product, definitely worth the money


GREAT SOUND QUALITY .... butttt.....

The design quality concerns me for 350 dollar headphones .... at the intersection between where the headphones slides to adjust earpiece size it has almost completely cracked in half and I haven't had these for 3 months. Im actively trying to find a solution right now to see if the warranty will cover this. Reading through the comments I see others have had the same problem. Im not one to complain but maybe a more sturdy material should be used to join the headphone together at that point ?! I have never taken these out of my home or treated them roughly in anyway. So I'm concerned about that. Otherwise 10/10

... P.S. they also stopped cupping my ears after a while which i believe caused them to crack ?!

Dear Austin,

I am sorry about the issue experienced with Spirit Professional.
I invite you to contact your dealer back to exchange your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Great headphones. The only thing that concerns me and im actively trying to get fixed is the sliding piece that adjusts the headphones is pretty weak as in not sturdy enough to handle a normal amount of sliding. My sliding piece has almost split in half and i've only had it for like 2 months or more ... Im not rough with my equipment either so it concerns me for a 350 purchase I was hoping for a more sturdy product. But a GREAT product nonetheless.


After long hours of listening my ears hurt. A lot. But the sound is amazing.


The sound, packaging and the addition of an uncoiled cord are outstanding, but the way the product fell apart after gentle use is unacceptable

Dear Sina,

I am sorry about the issue experienced with your Spirit Professional.
If your headphones are still under warranty, please contact your dealer back to exchange your product.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Love these headphones. Comfortable after break-in, and sound great - true sound. I'm just bummed both sides of the plastic on the ear-bands are cracking in multiple places. These have always been taken care of and kept safe - no damage ever. And yet these cracks are pretty extreme. I read all the other reviews about this but didn't think it would happen to me, but it did.




i love them but the band breaks easily


great sound but not durable




A WASTE OF MONEY. Great sounding headphones, but the cable shorts out. I can't use them because the sound goes in and out. You would think that Focal would design a better cable for such a high price point of headphones. I've used these very lightly for about a year and have not moved them. Very disappointing.

Hi Gary,

I am sorry about the issue experienced with your headphones.
I invite you to contact your dealer back to fix it as quick as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


The sound quality is quite good but build quality is not very durable. A hard case for the headphones would have been preferred also.


material is cracking


Nice sound. Not a comfortable fit for long sessions.


Flat, detailed, super


Great Gear


I've been using these for about a year and a half and I must say I am very happy with the sound quality.
However the plastics kept cracking and now the headphones are unusable.
The problem is, while still under 2yr warranty the local dealer refuses to do anything about it after 3 weeks of inspection saying it's user error.
I must say it's utterly disappointing.




Im hearing stuff I've never heard before. I can hear people smacking or licking there lips on a radio commercial! INSANE!




sound fantastic


The sound quality is fantastic! I can hear every detail in my own mixes that I know should be there. I have read other customer complaints about poor comfort and construction - after use for a short time I don't see these issues, but time will tell. I hope these continue to sound and feel as great as they do right out of the box!


Accurate mixing


Awesome Flat Detailed Reference - Superb Quality & Comfort




These Cans are worth every penny! Love them!


LOVE these headphones!!!!


Sound great


older model headband cracks within a week of purchase. great headphones though


Awesome!!! You can hear little details that never hear before. The first time in use, I hear some distortion in a few songs. After brake-in, change my perspective 180 grades.


The best headphone.


Very satisfied with the product and also with ALS Audio, local dealer for Focal.


Excellent headphones - but today after just over one year of use the right (non cable) side spigot connecting earpiece to headband cracked and is now loose. Is this repairable?

Hi Ian,

I am sorry to hear that.
Please contact you dealer so that you can get a replacement of your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Hi everyone.

I just got a pair a few days ago. This thins are unreal!!! I've never heard anything this flat!

I have one small issue, and almost went to my vendor then decided to google it. There seems to be a problem with the coiled cable and Mac Books 2010 - 2011. A fair bit of distortion is noticeable. My mixer output and some other low end notebook sound cards work fine. Also new Mac Books don't present this issue. Any idea what the issue could be with the early Mac Books?


Hi Marius,

The issue you described in your comment is known by our teams. Unfortunately, it occurs randomly and we have no solution for the moment. You may try to connect your Spirit Professional with the another cable supplied and not the coiled one.
Be sure that our teams are still working on it.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Even though I've read a lot of reviews about the headband cracking and breaking due to wearing stress, the sound quality drove my purchase anyhow.

That's why I want to register the product, so that I can replace them if the headband starts to crack.


Couldn't be happier with the performance especially considering the price.


Less bass/treble hype compared to my Beyerdamic DT770 Pro and Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Excellent frequency balance and I've heard things in recordings that I hadn't heard with my other headphones or studio monitors. Somewhat high caliper tension, especially since I wear glasses, so less comfortable than my other headphones but not unbearable. I wish the higher audio quality cable wasn't coiled. Also wish the cable end into the headphones wasn't proprietary as it appears to be. Overall I'm pleased with the headphones, especially for audio quality that is the primary reason I bought them.


Magnificent sound quality. Love it so much.


Seems to be a very good product. I am breaking them in and have about 20 hours on them now. Darker sound that either of my AKGs K701s and K271mk2s. They are very smooth and recommended by my sales person, Ben Porter, at Sweetwater. Probably my last set of cans.


Sound wonderful


need to be made with better materials


An excellent flat response headphone in any price bracket. I use these as my go to studio headphone for reference and recording.


Looking at more products from Focal already.


Focal spirit professional sound awesome! but there is one problem with them and most headphones those days.i measure the impedance and there is 1.4Ohm difference between left and right ear cup. left cup is 31.8 Ohm and right is 33.2 Ohm. i believe that problem exist because cable goes to left cup and from left cup to right cup there is another cable.So right side have longer cable and higher impedance because of that! My audio technica ath-m50x have the same problem left side louder than right BUT my Sennheiser HD25 II is different in that case right side is louder than left because cable is shorter from right side.

left side on focal spirit pro is slightly louder, bass hits harder and goes deeper, highs around 12Khz are louder. left side also sound more clear and more direct than right side. i believe headphones for studio use need to be double cabled like sennheiser HD800 or put the same cable length in left ear cup to keep the same resistance and identical sounding. Those days there is no quality product at all. i do a lot of tests on my headphones like listening mono , sine sound waves,brust sound waves and other stuff.


The tonal balance is just about ideally spot on and seems to follow the newly excepted Harman response curve for the ideal headphone response in order for the human ear to interpret it as a "flat" or "natural" sound signature. Five stars on the sound! As for the build construction, maybe use more metal parts, where nessasary (as to keep the weight down), because some plastic modular parts on the band either unsnap and can't be resnapped due to wear or breaking. Also stress fracturing or cracks can occur on the plastic band due to flexing. Otherwise a very good product!


so far so good


Amazing detail.


Heard elements in my mix I had never noticed. The detail was amazing.


This is the best headphone to listen to the vocal music. Due to my professional needs in film editing post production, I really need a Hi-Fi headphone to distinguish the on-set recording precisely, I think this piece meticulously gained the balance point between ordinary music appreciation and professional recording monitoring.


Perfect for tracking when you don't have a separate control room


The sound is as good as it gets and I was really happy with it.

It is not too comfortable, but it is to some extent individual.

The biggest downside is the build quality (besides speakers themselves). It felt too fragile from the start and broke today, 40 days after the purchase.

Hi Goran,

I am sorry about the issue experienced on your Spirit Professional.
Please contact directly your dealer to fix this issue as quick as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Communit y Manager Focal


I love these headphones and I plan on puchasing a few more, however I am still running into quality issues where the side plastic keeps breaking.


great HP for overdubing and mix preference


Similarly to Georgian the headband cracked except I didn't order from amazon and therefore never got a refund.

Hi Henry,

I am sorry about the cracks noticed on your Spirit Professional.
Please contact your dealer back to fix this as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


The sound of these headphones is truly remarkable and I very much loved them for that. What is less remarkable is the headband cracking after a few months of use. What is even less remarkable than that is that Focal doesn't recognize Amazon as being a reseller (not a 3rd party selling via Amazon, but Amazon itself) so when contacting Focal directly I received a rather cold shoulder. Luckily Amazon issued a full refund and as much as I loved the sound of these headphones I would warn others to steer away due to comfort issues (high clamping force) and build quality issues (cracks on the headband).


I compose EA music and need absolute transparency, so no cosmetic corrections would be useful.

First, I really love what comes through the set. It feels as flat as I could hope for with a set of closed cans. The bass reaches right down without having to be amped up. As far as I can tell, there are no noticeable bumps across the spectrum. The isolation is excellent. Better than my custom fitted In Ear Monitors.

Just a warning. The earpads are glued on and are just barely big enough to go around my small ears. I think I'll get used to it (the sound is worth it). The build quality is still up in the air, I've only had them a week or so. There's a lot of (high quality) plastic. This leads to some cable noise.

I'm still giving these 5 stars because I want to be harsh about the build problems and still be fair. I expect a set of studio headphones to last at least 10 years. (my previous ones did, but they aren't made anymore)
Professional cans need to be able to be repaired easily, right? That's part of what you pay for. (I AM getting replacement drivers for my old ones when I have a break)

Hope that helps (get these anyway, unless you have very large ears)


Like all other reviews, the plastic cracks. I don't expect these to last another year. Diabolical considering they cost £200 when I bought them.

Hi Joshua,

I am really sorry about the cracks noticed on your Spirit Professional.
I invite you to contact your dealer back or the local distributor to fix it as quick as possible:

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


I am truly amazed at the detail I hear from these Spirit Professional headphones. Real elements, dimension, sound pressure. The quality, thought and pride in the labor it took to make this vision come true, shows in the end result. Incredible. Wow...


Really like the headphone sound although I am concerned about Focal's response to the headbands cracking and how long it will last.


This is a replacement pair I got through Long & McQuade, since my first pair developed cracks in teh head band. I was disappointed they cracked after only two months of very gentle use, but I've read later-manufactured batches of these did not have the cracking problem. I hope this pair doesn't develop the cracks, but I expect they probably will, unfortunately. Great sound, though.


So far so good. Lovely, neutral, dynamic and uncongested sound.


Amazing sound. Very revealing while maintaining a "full" sound. Great for music production including mixing. BUT: Distortion with coiled cable on Macbook Pro (13" mid-2010).


So far so good, comfortable and a very detailed listening experience!


Headphone band is cracking after barely any use!

Hi Samuel,

I am sorry about the headband cracks.
I invite you to notice it to your dealer so that they can fix it as quick as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Bought these for my home studio.
Right out of the box the sound is awesome. Don't know if these open up even more after drive in period.
These sound really flat, extremely accurate and the resolution is just mind blowing. The bass is not at all over riding even as these are closed back headphones. Don't get me wrong, they still produce all the lows, but without exaggeration. And the low end is just easy to follow as is the mid and high range. Feels like it doesn't matter what the frequency is, these are flat from the highs to all the way to the bottom.


Super neutral! Love it.


Finally headphones that are true!!
Would recommend for Mixing Tracks!




As a professional, i can say that i am very satisfied with Sound quality, Very accurate, neutral, natural sounding and dynamic. Best buy for price range and even over that price range. Built quality is also nice, they are not so comfortable for long use but you can wear them for 1 hour, after that need a small break. but that depends on size of your ears and head. overall strongly recommended


good quality sound, comfortable


I really liked the headphones when they worked. The joint between the band and the over-ear unit has failed, leaving my units un-usable, sitting on a shelf.

Hi Ian,

I am sorry about your issue.
I invite you to contact back your dealer who will be able to help you.

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Focal no natural sound..i already have solo 6 be


The sound quality is awesome. I can hear a tiny booster on higher level (between 16k - 18k Hz I think), but it can be an imagination as well. For me they are quite comfortable because I got quite small ears. A bit tiring, but all other closed-back headphones are as well (at least for me). Once again the sound is amazing, at least compared to my previous Koss headphones.
I'm very satisfied.


its near perfect. at this price point i can't say that you get more even though i could expect more. i do expect them to last at least 2 good years in order to be worth the investment. i heard about the headband issue and i hope it passes over my head literally. so maybe in about 6 months i can give an honest critique.


Clean, neutral, unbiased sound.


sound great so far, seem very durable. i appreciate the reserved midrange, very useful for monitoring and mixing applications.


/Nice box!


These are great headphones - I will test them on my film set soon. I use headphones for upto 72 hours per week and I'm sure that these will be comfortable enough for the that purpose - the packaging could of included a hard case for extra protection ! Please consider sending me a hard case as I will be using these headphones in rather extreme situations.

Hi Greg,

Unfortunately, there is no hard case for Spirit Professional as this product is intended to be used in studios.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


I have had my Focal CMS 50's for years and they are awesome!!
And now having these NEW Focal Headphones is the icing on the cake.


best sounding headphones that I have ever heard. Great Reference quality.


very realistic, detailed and full sound..

dope cans !


The sound is very defined and the tone is excellent.


Great For Mixing in an untreated room.


Amazing quality headphones!


Excelent product


Very happy with the headphones, except a few months ago they cracked along the pivot point & now they don't sit flat against my ears. Unfortunately, this has rendered them useless.

Hi David,

I am sorry about the cracks on your headphones.
I invite you to contact back your dealer to notice it and find a solution.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


They sound incredible. The headband started cracking after 4 months of use though :(

Hi Max,

I am really sorry about the cracks on your headband.
Please contact your dealer or the local distributor, Audio Plus Services, attaching a picture of the cracks and the copy of the invoice :

Marine, Community Manager Focal


casque acheté en Mars 2014.
Le son est fantastique mais il manque légèrement de transparence et d extension dans les aigus.La dynamique est excellente.
C est la deuxième fois que je le remplace pour un problème d arceau cassé et j ai changé egalement le cable détachable jack 2 fois car il s était plié.
Clairement la conception de l arceau est mauvaise les matériaux utilisés ne sont pas solides et les finitions laissent à désirer.donc je déconseille fortement ce casque d autant plus que ces problèmes ne datent pas du spirit pro mais étaient déjà présents pour le premier casque focal.


First impressions very good. Concerned about some internet users reports of plastic cracking on product but time will tell! Warranty inspires confidence.


Great phones!


Absolutely amazing the sound of this Headphones. Dealer's advice was awesome!
The only bad is that it's hard above your head, and it may break.


The Spirit of Sound!



Hi Daniel,

I am sorry about the issue encontered with Spirit Professional. To fix it as quick as possible, please contact your dealer or the local distributor :

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Great realistic reproduction and fab slightly retro look!


Arrived in good condition. Despite a small head, I would echo online comments that the inward force of the headphones makes long term listening very uncomfortable. Is this so necessary for leakage/isolation? Professional user.


Nice product. Local dealer was awful to buy from.


Need some improvements on the plastic quality of the inner side of the headphones. It cracks after 2 weeks of purchasing and little use ! Returned and given a new set straight away ! Hopefully this one would last longer . Otherwise good neutral sounding headphones. Much better then my other headphone that I have used in the past.


I went out to buy a pair of HD25 or M50x headphones but after comparing them with the Focal Spirit Professional my mind was made up, the FSP are hands down far superior to any studio monitoring headphones I've used, crystal clear information with great isolation, super impressed!


Simply the best!


Great, honest headphones. Made many great mixing decisions with these. Less reliance on studio monitors now, more confidence mixing on headphones. Would definitely purchase again.


First let me say that it is very rare that I have to leave a negative product review, as I typically only buy higher end and proven equipment. I bought these headphones in March of 2014, and have used them in my home studio. They have had little use and have been treated with care. While I love the way they sound, I recently noticed that the plastic headband was cracking and pieces were falling out. I certainly did not expect this quality from Focal, especially with a pair of headphones in this price range. I thought maybe mine were defective until I saw all of the other posts and found out that this was a common problem. Please notify me ASAP if there is a remedy for this issue.

Hi Craig,

I am sorry about the issue encountered.
I invite you to contact back your dealer or the local distributor, Audio Plus Services : They will able to help you.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Le son est fidèle, équilibré, manque un peu de basse, le port du casque est agréable, même après deux heures d'écoute, par contre, il tient chaud. Pas grand chose de mal à dire, par contre il faut que la source de la musique soit bonne, sinon aucun intérêt d'acheter ces écouteurs.


Amazing sound from these headphones


I was looking for an accurate, 'neutral' headphone with high levels of isolation. Reviews and technical measurements pointed me in the direction of the Spirit Professional. Sound quality and isolation are both excellent, and they're well made. My only complaint is comfort. They don't leave much room for my ears and with fairly high calliper pressure, they tend to pinch after a while. It's not dreadful, but not beyond improvement either. That said, I suppose a tight fit is necessary to achieve the excellent isolation, so perhaps you can't have everything! The sound quality is fabulous; well balanced, dynamic and natural.


Took all of ten minutes to get used to these.A great buy.


Ok, guess it was only a matter of time, headphones bought late march this year, and now the cracks are starting to appear. They have only been used in a small control room. The headphones have little usage and have been handled with great care. I really enjoy checking my mixes with these, the sound is really good but i can not understand why in the world Focal dont adress this really serious and oh-so common issue! It´s frustrating to say the least.

Focal, you are seriously flawing your brand and professionalism if you dont make a solid effort on this matter.

You need to choose a different plastic compound / formula that actually LASTS and can take ordinary usage. I cannot stress this enough. You are getting a bad reputation about this on all the most important forums on the web. The sound gets praise, but fitting and most importantly, quality gets bashed. A recall is what every sensible company would do in a situation like this.

My phones are not that cracked that it affects performance (not yet anyway) but as it seems from other reports it might just be a matter of time.

This product page talks about the headphones in terms of "shock-resistance" and having the "necessary quality" of standing everyday use. Well, that does certainly not seem to be the case.

Now then, how do i go about getting these replaced with a product that actually represents what you promote? I have no interest in sending them in for a review and not being able to work for X weeks, that is not an option. I am also not interested in getting a new pair that has the same design-flaw, but rather have an updated version that lasts for more than a few of months.

Sorry for the rant, but im quite upset and baffled, these are high-end headphones after all...

Dear Anders,

I am sorry about the issue encountered with your Spirit Professional headphones. This kind of negative feedback and flaws are unusual with this product. Indeed, rates of return on Spirit Professional headphones are very low. However, be sure that we take into consideration all customers' feedbacks to ensure maximum satisfaction.
In order to help you, could you please send us by email at your exact details (name, first name, address and phone number), a copy of the proof of purchase (including the serial number) as well as pictures of the detected flaw?

Thank you in advance,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Major design flaw in the headband as you'll see mentioned here in the reviews and all over message boards. I was warned by a customer in line behind me on the day I purchased of this issue which they had as well.

Plastic casing over headband develops cracks then snaps into pieces. It's obvious just opening them to a distance of the average head where the pressure points in the band are. You can see that there is not enough flex in the plastic casing.

A fix is need to improve the durability.

After being quite impressed with the sound I had considered giving Focal Monitors a try in the studio, but seeing their response to such bad design in headphones I'll be avoiding their products in future purchase.

Hi Ryan,
I am sorry about the issue with your Spirit Professional. I invite you to contact back your dealer to change it.
Please note that if you have any problem with any of our product, our dealers will be glad to help you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


So far the best headphone I own!


These Headphone for me are a GOD Send. You can Hear The Weight of the music & where its placed in your mix.
Great backup to Main main monitors!
Love It!


first of all I want to praise the headphones for the prestine audio quality, hands down. the design was sleek but it all ends there. the material is garbage! I returned the headphones into the retail store for repair in the headpiece, because the glue holding the plastic comes apart. my frustration continues on how the focal dealer in australia handles the request, it took more than one month for them to fix the problem. the worst part is that they replaced it with a used headphones, plus the replacement is not in good condition, still the other part of the headpeace is showing signs of glue losing its stickiness, whenever I press the plastic part I hear some clicks. This is my first focal product, and this leaves a negative impression of their quality and poor aftersales service.

Hi Temo,

I am sorry about the issue encountered with Spirit Professional.
Replacing your headphones with a used one is not normal and I do understand your disappointment. Which is why I invite you to contact directly the Australian Pro distributor, Audio Chocolate, to explain in details your problem and find a solution :


Marine, Community Manager Focal


These have become my new favorite closed back headphones. They sound as good as many much higher priced headphones.


My coiled cable causes distortion

Hi Igor,

Your cable seems to be defective. I invite you to contact back your dealer to fix this issue.

Best regards,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


amazing sound small cracks appearing :(




Excellent headphone. Super comfortable and good bass. A bit hard to feel dynamics but otherwise love them.


Great sound!


Wow excellent closed headphones focal always strives for the best and now i really believe you can mix from these headphones for those who have their studios in apartments and mix late at night these are a blessing ...what you hear is what you get, seriously.....I LoVE FOCAL thank you and keep the great products coming!!!


I LOVE these headphones. I never thought I could potentially mix on headphones. I hear so much detail I can't hear in my current studio monitors. Thanks!!


Fabulous headphones - except for a small defect in left ear which rattles/buzzes during low frequencies

Hi Rob,

First of all, I am sorry about the problem encountered with your headphones.
I invite you to contact back your dealer so that you can fix the issue as quick as possible.

Best regards,

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Had a problem with a previous pair where the plastic on both sides cracked, Sweetwater replaced them and Simon Cote responded in a very timely fashion and offered excellent advice.


I have to give these three stars due to build quality. As far as SQ is concerned, they are perfect. I can really trust these to edit & mix on, and I have gone through a LOT of different professional headphones. The two included cables are also perfect. These are the best. Sadly, after owning these for 10 months, the right ear cup feels like it's about to fall off. The housing plastic is cracked all around the mounting ball on both sides and the right hinge is coming apart completely. Also, the aluminum barrel with the "Focal" engraving that goes around the end of the cables fell off on the first day & had to be re-glued.


Thanks to Focal for their great inventions in the world of sound production!


Great Headphones, excellent sound. Really happy with the product. 5/5




AWESOME. As soon as I put them on I immediately heard things in my music that I had never noticed before. Super comfortable, and I have a large head with what I assume are average ears. Awesome that it comes with a cable just for your phone, too. Packaging is beautiful... the cans are beautiful.


Excellent Monitoring Quality


Great headphones.


Another amazing Focal product!


Stellar headphones


the sound is exceptional, however they could be more comfortable


Please improve the plastic of the band...

Hi Jung,

I am sorry about the issue encountered with Spirit Professional. I invite you to contact back your dealer to fix it.


Marine, Community Manager Focal


After purchasing the Focal Bird system, I fell in love with the Focal sound. So when these headphones came out (and despite some of the previous negative comments directed at the Focal Spirit One), I had no hesitation in purchasing these without an audition. What can I say. Focal has done it again. Quite frankly, at this price point, how can a pair of closed back headphones get any better? Forget about the details, just buy these headphones now!


Amazing...the only real studio monitors in headphones with better specs than most monitors can boast (5hz base is unbelievable.)


I work as a sound recordist in film and cinema and was looking for a replacement for my Beyerdynamic DT48 headphones which are no longer made. The Focal headphone sounded brighter and warmer, they seem robustly constructed but I will wait and see how they hold up after a few expedition type documentaries.


Amazing sounding


I've been wondering lately, do you plan to release a updated version of Spirit pro(like One S)?? With better build and more durable plastic? because of that cracks on the both sides of the headband i can't be satisfied for 100% :(
I mean the sound is perfect, but the cracking plastic (or the way how the cans are connected with the headband)is not.

Hi Andrii,

Thank you for your message. This is not planned for the moment even if we are taking into account of our customer's feedbacks to improve our products. Our products are regularly improved, but there is no new version of Spirit Pro planned for the moment.
However, if you encounter an issue with your headphones, I invite to contact back your dealer who should be able to help you.


Marine, Community Manager Focal


never heard such 3D sound from headphones before


I am expecting that these headphones will clean up my mixes and masters. Thank you for something that I've need for a while!!


Still breaking in, but very impressed


Very neutral and accurate sound ... bit uncomfortable...


I'm at the 17th hour of a 24 hour burn-in period. Through periodic listening checks, I think my mixes will benefit from the accuracy of my Spirit Pro's.


Excellent Sound Quality


I fell in love with it's sound after couple of days using these headphones...but then i went to the store and returned them. Why? The build quality is unacceptable, they started to crack in the plastic parts just when you'd adjust them on your head, nice little 'pop' sounds, and then you notice those little hairline breaks my heart really. Can't you guys update the model with better materials so we can feel that it is an investment which will not fall apart completely after a half a year or less? Think about it, i'd be the first to order!P.S. Bout from here in Stockholm, nice people.

Hi Timur,
I am sorry about the issue with your Spirit Professional. As your headphones are guaranteed, you can have your pair changed or repaired.
I will forward your feedback to the Product Manager and make sure it will be taken into account.

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Great price/performance ratio. Wish that the purchase came with a headphone case, instead of a cloth bag.


Excellent detail and separation. Very comfortable.


These are the most uncomfortable headphones I have ever used. Well, maybe the free headphones you get on an economy class flight might be slightly more annoying. I think these were designed for women and small children, because the ear cavity is so small. As a matter of fact, my daughter loves them, so let her have them.

If you are an adult male, DO NOT BUY these headphones. They will smash you earlobes and you will get a headache after about 15 minutes of using them.

Hi Andrew,
I have read your message and I am sorry that the headband doesn't fit your head and ears. Please note that the headband can be adjusted and it becomes more and more flexible with time.
I will forward your feedback to the Product Manager.


Marine, Community Manager


Great natural sound.


There is a major CRACKING issue with these headphones that needs to be addressed. A RECAL IS NECESSARY, or mailing out of a replacement part.

Hi Bennett,
I am sorry to read that you have an issue with your Spirit Professional. As it is still under warranty, I invite you to contact your dealer or the Canadian distributor directly : They should be able to help you.
Best regards


Very satisfied with my purchase.


Great quality headphones






Carmine was patient and professional in helping me select this product.


Pros: Hard and unforgiving in their presentation of frequency balance, great for reality checking as an addition to good main monitors, complementing my HD650's nicely (I actually much prefer the Spirit Pro's for critical work).

Cons: The plastic part of the headband feels cheap, very fragile.


Love them! Keep up the great work.


I bought Focal due to the quality of the sound. In three consecutive Spirit One items plastic cracked. Now I bought a Spirit Professional, solidly made​​.


Not enough time with them yet. Sounds a little boxy right off. Relying on your reputation that they will be as accurate as advertised when allowed to break in properly.


So far so good. A little uncomfortable with glass. Very tight.


Very Clear Imaging of sound and details really stand out . And yes very Flat sound.


Ear Pads should be designed for bigger ears.


I just got the Focal HP's! Before i listened to them, i set up some itune tracks in ProTools. Listened to my AKG 240 75 ohms first on 8 different tunes i use for audio file hearing. They were very nice clear etc. I see why i purchased them!
Then i plug in the Focals at the same volume and everything else. Man! At first i heard a little static in my right ear, so i unpluged it from the ear peace a couple of times, and they sounded ok. Then, it looks like the more i listen the more they open up, is this correct? By the time i got to track 8 i had to turn them down a quarter of what i had the other ones. They made me notice the compression on the songs(over). The Reverb, and other details. But gentleman and ladies? I have a pair of Folcal 6.5' in the studio!!! I'm going to have to let these warm up some more before i make that assumption as to how close they are to them. Thanks for a great product again! Please feel free to comment on my comments. I need all the info i can obtain! Now if i could just figure out how to get a pair of those SM 6's!!!


Super Duper cans!


Just arrived so too early to tell.




The first headphone that doesn't give me the feeling I'm listening to a headphone - very good sound, nice design, a pleasure to use! Thx Focal!


as soon as they are burnt in ill let you know.


Very natural and frequency flat professional headphone with outstanding buil quality.


We decided to get 2 of them for our recording and mixing studio. We finished buying 4 of them for some musicians that tried them out in our studio!!
Amazing Headphones, amazing as our SM9s!!


I am very impressed with the performance!


First day with headphones and still breaking them in but so far I love them very much. Will most likely be getting another pair or 2.


Amazing tonal accuracy, transparency, dynamics, imaging


Excellent sound.
Kudos to the dealer.


Excellent product. They sound extremely accurate, very good aid for mixing.


A great, quality product


Ready To Try Them Out!


I'm letting it break-in, so I won't be able to comment on these until tomorrow or Friday.


equipment under test, still do not have an opinion.


so far these appear to be just what I had hoped for.


comfortable.... not just for professionals but also for audiophiles as well.


Until these, my AKG 702's were my favorite goto headphones.I recently collaborated with legendary engineer Ed Wolfrum to master my latest release["Jr.Analogue Monster"]. I heard things, listening through "J.A.M." with these headphones that I can't remember hearing before--at least the way your Focal Professional Spirit headphones allow. I'm telling all my professional peers about them. Great job!


I am satisfied with this purchase and would recommend to others.

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