Profile 908 DB
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Profile 908 DB

The Profile spirit shines in the appearance of the bookshelf speaker 908: advanced technologies, innovation at all levels, but also beauty in the curves and compact size. Musical and aesthetic, the Profile 908 expresses a great "joie de vivre". Type: 2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker.

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Focal in the press



Great sound especially on their original stands!


Also loving these 908s with Prima Luna Dialogue Premium and Micro Seiki BL-91. Bass was improved by adding 1/8" tungsten-loaded rubber between speaker and the Focal base. I don't use any sub with them now.


These sound fabulous, and I only have 30 hours on them, I know they will continue to improve for months to come. I am super happy with these speakers.


I already own a pair of Focal 937 Electra be speakers. I added the 908 DB and stands to put Hi Def audio out in the family lounge, or Living Room area. Used the BlueSound PowerNode 150 product as my wireless Player / Amp, after seeing that the Focal wireless solution was not 24bit 192 Khz capable.


Fantastic sound, beautiful speaker.


5 Star awarded based on price, looks and performance. Shy on base, but coupled with a paradigm Sub 1 makes them sing!
Great imaging and detail.

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