5.1 Pack Sib - 5 Sib & Cub3
5.1 Pack Sib - 5 Sib & Cub3 View full size
5.1 Pack Sib - 5 Sib & Cub3

The Sib&Cub3 Home Cinema pack unites all Focal’s acoustic expertise. It is our entry-level product in our line of high-quality Home Cinema systems. This long-lasting product has become a benchmark in its market.

The compact Sib satellite speakers are easily integrated into your interior placed on your furniture, mounted to a wall. Conceived with 5.1 Home Theater systems in mind, the Cub3 subwoofer complements the Sib perfectly, pluging you right into the heart of the entertainment.

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Key points

  • Thanks to the tried and tested technologies, the Focal sound is a great first step into the world of high-fidelity
  • Very high power, compatible with a big listening area
  • 5 Sib for a balanced Home Theater system
  • Integrated speaker : in wall, in ceiling, on furniture
  • Pearl White Pearl White
  • Jet Black Jet Black
Pack content
  • Sib

    Since the creation of the Focal Sib loudspeaker in...

  • Cub 3

    intended entirely for use with Home Cinema systems....





Just finished installing and connecting speakers to Onkyo TX-NR626.


Todavia no los he probado, como te dice que antes de 10 rellenes la garantia, eso es lo primero que he hecho.

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