The Sub6 is a large volume cabinet design, equipped with an 11" woofer and a rear laminar port. This configuration guarantees bass linearity whatever the intended SPL. The control board is extremely versatile, with connectivity which allows a 2.1, 2.2 and multichannel use via the L/R inputs and outputs and the LFE. The numerous settings such as the high-pass crossover dedicated to monitors, the adjustable phase and level control provide optimum coupling with the Solo6 Be and the Twin6 Be monitors. And finally, a small, but important point: the footswitch input. It enables one to connect a pedal to deactivate the subwoofer and the high-pass crossovers on the outputs that supply the monitors. This simplifies and greatly improves control during the different stages in monitoring.

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This is my first week with the product and the low frequencies are evident. I am still in the process of tweaking the placement in my room, phase, and volume levels to make it have a good balance. Quality is great and it is a potent Sub. Will update this comment as I find the sweet spot in the room and make it right.


Excellent, sub! Bass is tight and low, with lots of force behind it!


Superb warmth and sustain. I am still working on adjustmenting the phase and placement for best balance between low and high frequency tones.


It's great to hear the bottom 2 octaves with this sub....full it!!


Love having the sub to hear the lower 2 octaves when mixing...full spectrum and love it!!


possibly sounds a little more reserved than the CMS sub that I had also for a while with the twins. Slightly confusing control labelling / manual not much help in setting this beast up


In using the Focal Sub 6 in my studio with it's 11" speaker has the same look and high end quality as the Focal Twins and Solo's. It is very important to learn where to place the sub in your room, and have acoustic treatment on your walls along with bass traps. Without these things, I would not recommend buying a sub woofer as you will have too many issues with standing waves. By putting your signal into the Sub, and route them out to your main monitors, you can control where you want the high pass (for your monitors) and low pass (for your sub). I preferred the 75 Hz setting for the low pass and have the higher freq's for the Twins to handle. With the foot switch, you can bypass the sub when mixing and turn it on with the mains afterward. This is a very useful feature which makes the setup with going into the Sub 6 the best option. The Sub 6 goes down to 30Hz and offers a clear punchy tone. It is not muddy like some cheaper sub's I have heard.

The Sub 6 is one of the best sub woofers I have ever heard and naturally it fits perfectly with the Focal Twins. With that being said, I do not mix music with the Sub 6. The Focal Twins offer all the lows, mids, and highs I need to mix a song. Plus they have the adjustments for the high's and lows on the back of the monitors which you can adjust to your taste. I also have bass traps in the corners of my room which helps a lot as well. I use the Sub 6 for three purposes.

1. On playback I play the Twins with the sub for getting a better idea how the music will sound in a car stereo since they usually have exaggerated bass.
2. Play back of the music to clients. The sub makes the music more exciting, fuller and punchier.
3. For mastering I need the low end detail the Sub 6 gives to get the proper adjustments for my mixes at the mastering stage.



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