Spirit One
Spirit One

sleek and mobile headphones

Spirit One are sleek and upscale high-fidelity headphones. Snug, lightweight and perfectly mobile, they offer a signature and sound performance that are 100% Focal. Meet the highly accessorized Spirit One, the audio headphones for music lovers, complete with an iPhone/iPod/iPad remote control.

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Spirit One headphones: detailed description

Detailed description

Spirit One is a mobile headphone with a neat, upscale design: a resolutely modern look, made of carefully selected materials and a remote control for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Spirit One is also a very lightweight: thanks to its aluminum frame, it only weighs 225 grams. Its adjustable headband, swivel earphones and sleek pads make it an easy-to-wear high-fidelity headphone.

Although it’s comfy, lightweight and mobile, Spirit One remains first and foremost a Focal headphone – in other words, an audiophile headphone. Its closed-back, circumaural design covers the whole ear to offer cutting-edge sound insulation. Sound reproduction is optimal: punchy, tight bass, no smearing and refined, sharp mids that are full and highly detailed, plus a wide bandwidth. Tonal respect, definition, yield and dynamics are all waiting for you!

Product highlights for Spirit One hi-fi headphones

  • The Focal sound in a mobile headphone
  • Sleek design with quality materials
  • Sound insulation over 20 dB
  • Highly accessorized
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad and smartphone-compatible


Remote for iPhone/iPod/iPad and smartphones

Télécommande iPhone

The Spirit One high-fidelity headphones come with an aluminum remote embedded in the 3.5-mm jack cord.

Made for iPod iPhone iPadCompatible with Apple pads, players and phones, the remote lets you make calls and manage the essential iPod, iPhone and iPad functions: volume, play, pause, previous or next track.

Note: the remote may be totally or partially compatible with other smartphones.

Accessories provided with Spirit One headphones

  • Removable, anti-tangle cord
  • 3.5-mm/6.35-mm jack adapter
  • Jack adapter cord for compatibility with all smartphones
  • Airline adapter
  • Soft travel bag
  • Deluxe, hard storage case
  • White White
  • Red Red

Focal in the press



Poor quaity. Need to replace Headphones once a year.

Dear Grzegorz,

I am sorry about that.
If your headphones are still under warranty, please contact directly your dealer to exchange your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Reading reviews doesn't compare to actually going to your local dealer and listening to them. The excellent range and rich sound is fantastic!




Im hearing sounds in the songs I didn't hear before.


good pair of headphones


I brought this Spirit One from Hifi gallery yesterday. It was in black color which I would prefer. However, I didn't notice that the inner foam, which is supposed in red, but was in black actually. I have no idea why. The more shocking think is that cracks were found around the screw holes of the plastic plate which have serial number label put on. As the salesman told me it was brand new so I did not check such detailed thing. I was a bit disappointed about the quality of this headphone.


I have been gifted these headphones, the buyer payed £200 for these which is a lot of money for headphones.

after a few listening sessions, the left speaker has started fizzing. at low volumes there is no differences. but as you turn the volume up to enjoy the quality of the sound all you hear is fuzzing in your left ear!

i am very upset as I expected more from focal.

Hi Moshin,

I am sorry about the issue encountered with your Spirit One headphones.
I invite you to contact directly your dealer or the local distributor to fix it :

Marine, Community Manager Focal



I recently received my Spirit Ones and was very excited about them but when I first tested them I was a bit dissappointed.

Sound seems lacking liveness (maybe it's their character) and the voices (and maybe everything else) seem a bit shifted to the right channel.

A sweep I did revealed some problem on the left earcup between 2500 and 3500Hz aprox. so probably I will be returning my copy to my retailer to check them get or replacement.


Voices seem a little bit shifted to the right.

Maybe need to bur in. I'm in contact with my dealer and if problem persists I will send them back to test or change.

Don't know if my unit can be affected by the hard case problem.


The best sound ever and so adapted for Apple products. Outer sounds are muffled just right. Great device for traveling and makes plane flights a smooth cruise. Only downfall, the glue that is used to fix the aluminium parts does not hold. After just a few months, the outer sheet from the right ear just sprang out. I had to tape it but it eventually got loose and the entire shaft became undone. Also had some problems with the wires. The shop I bought it from stopped selling them because they had so many returns. This is a shame because it is a great product and a little effort in the use of appropriate material for the headset would make this one of the best products on the market.

Hi Paul,

I am really sorry about the issue encountered with Spirit One headphones.

I invite you to contact the Swiss Focal distributor, Horn Distribution, who will help you :

Marine, Community Manager Focal


Tight if you have a big head, sound quality is great however


Beautiful sound and design


Nice design and good sound quality..


The pressure is a little too firm against the head to be fully comfortable; other than this, they are great headphones!


Great sound. Unfortunately noticed cracks on the headphone band when I got the product home.




very good sound


Great Sound Quality. Cup a bit too small.


First impression very positive


The best sound I get


Excellent so far, but I'm just getting them broken in. Looking forward to spending more time with them and my new iDSD.


I've had these headphones for about a year now. And I love them.

The cables has just started breaking tho. But, I'm glad it's possible to change them.

I'm working at a modern sawmill which is a very noisy environment. I normally have to use earplugs or hearing protectors. But not with these headphones. Blocks a lot of noise out!

Worth every penny!


Still breaking in but I love it already. I have a few headphones to compare it too and I really like how clear it sounds.


So far so good.


My quest for the perfect over/on ear headphone continues... The standard 24 hour burn-in period is over so it's review time. Nice sleek design, very sexy. Lightweight and fits securely maybe even a little tight but I can deal with that. Vocals are prominent and extremely clear. Although, the highs are not as warm as I was hoping for; but still one of the better pair I own. I do feel that the headphones are lacking somewhat in the bass arena. Low-end notes I can hear in other headphones are absent in these. Yet and still I like them and get asked about them often. Not my best pair in the price category but still deserve an honorable mention.


I am very impressed about the quality of the sound


Five stars is 100% deserved


Exelend, pure sound, du bonheur.


superb sound and sit good over ears


Sounds good.
Built quality is good, though the materials could be better.
Earcups are a bit tight, whitch together with the tight fit, can make your ears soared after a while depending on the person.


great headphones... detailed sound and superb finishing...


I tried several models before buying (Denon, Audio Technica, Yamaha, Sennheiser, AKG, etc.) and these were by far the most balanced, neutral and realist. They respect the tonal balance on the whole frequency range and the instruments' timbre.

However, after using them for a while they show clear shortcomings.

From the beginning it's obvious a significant mids shrillness that is more or less apparent depending on the recording. I was forgiving about it since, in exchange, they are very detailed and clear in those frequencies, especially in the voices. However, the more I use them the more irritant it is.

Another drawback is trebles sound a bit muffled, especially the highest ones. You get used to this somewhat, but if you listen to other headphones back (like my Sennheiser HD 239) it becomes totally apparent again and one feels wanting better. It's possible this is due to their closed design.

Another problem is they have a bass peak at about 80 Hz, umatched by sub-bass. This isn't much of an issue, you just notice.

The mids shrillness problem is, however, a pity, really. It's the only thing that spoils the wonderful balanced performance across the whole spectrum. Sound may result unpleasant and tires with time. Often I find that, having used them with completely normal and moderate volumes, taking them off I notice a slight hearing loss and fatigue. My Sennheiser HD 239, four times cheaper, boost bass and treble and are much less detailed and realist, but they sound more pleasant overall and music is more enjoyable. But they are open.

Another problem is occasional discomfort. The headband presses too much sometimes and they clamp somewhat significantly. And the ear space inside the cushions is a bit too small, pressing your ears too much, so they may hurt with prolonged use, even if they are medium size like mines.

All this said, they are not bad headphones at all. I think they are the best you can get for this price and category. That Focal beats all their competitors at the same price in their first headphones is something really praiseworthy. Now I can only hope they will solve existing problems and make the perfect portable headphones.

A final note: I couldn't hear the Sennheiser Momentum. They are 50 euros more expensive and people say they sound better but don't isolate as well.


Amazing headphones. Use them for absolutely everything! Mixing, reference listening, recording, traveling...

When i found out Focal made headphones it was a no brainer what to buy!




I have Two sets of Focal Spirit one.
I liked the first one so much that I bought a second one, but it worked for one week than the right side just colapsed.
How can I get it repaired ou replaced?


Great improvement from the old one. It can now be considered a rival to the B&W P3 and Harman Kardon CL.


The revised Spirit One is a mile away from the old, rather defective model. You can definitely hear the difference in sound with the improved driver, and attention to detail is duly noted. Sound is clearer, mids and highs more crisp and bass is deeper due to the good isolation. It deserves 5 stars for the over-all improvement and great aftermarket service and is definitely a solid choice when buying a portable yet high- definition headphone. All I can say is, great job Focal!


Very nice and neutral sound
but earcups are very small and are therefore not very comfortable.


Vocals from the Spirit One makes you feel like you are in the live recording itself.

Thumbs up for such great sound quality in such a light package.


Very good product


Finishing could be better; there are some scratches and flaws on the finishing.


Great sound quality for the price, minimal design looks cool, lightweight.


Perfect balance for my listening needs. Great mid and high range. Bass is not overpowering. Tough to rate because I haven't had them very long. Initial experience has been very positive.


Great product but left headphone has a defect. Ticking noise coming out.


There is a ticking sound in the left headphone


Unbelievable price/performance ratio!

Tinman Review :


Not very much satisfied. They broke twice in the left earcup. Sound quality was alright.




Noticed some scratching in the right side of the headphones. Left is OK, right one tends to emit "scratching" sound. Very annoying and disturbing.

Otherwise ok


As John G. mentioned, my headphones did indeed also have a crackling noise come from the left earpiece when the bass struck. This is caused by a piece of plastic or other particle bouncing around on the driver. This was remedied by using the compressed air technique. Put the pad to your mouth and compress and/or vacuum the air inside the cup. This would move the particle out of the way of the driver. I did this whenever the crackle returned, and after a few days, the offending chip of plastic bumping around inside the cup was out of the way for good. I hope this will help you and other buyers of this great product.


These headphones are in short, amazing. They block out sound nearly as well as mid-quality noise cancellation, but without the hassle of batteries. The pads are soft, but still firm enough to form a competent seal. Also, the headband is very strong, a key factor in ensuring good isolation, while the pressure is somewhat uncomfortable for large amounts of time, it is well worth the isolation it enables. The sound quality is very transparent, with punchy base, equally clear highs, and a swooping midrange. I cannot ask for a better audiophile headphone at this price. Plus, they are stylish.


Wasn't impressed with outer boxing. Would have liked it better if was 4 sided instead of 3 . pick it up and slips out on bottom.



Please note that Focal will replace any defective Spirit One headphones. More info on


There is a buzzing/crackling sound coming out of the left earpiece

Please note that Focal will replace any defective Spirit One headphones. More info on


True sound for a true price

In the same range