Maestro Utopia
Maestro Utopia

A three-and-a-half-way loudspeaker, Maestro Utopia is one of the most sophisticated loudspeakers produced by Focal. To get closer to the Grande Utopia EM model without resorting to an electromagnet, it innovates in the bass with the MDS (Magnetic Damping System) to adapt to the listening room. With its 93dB efficiency, its punchy dynamics and its outstanding definition, its power capacity seems unlimited. Maestro is also suggested as a studio mastering midfield system.

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It will be six months of using the Maestros and so far they are working perfectly.


First impression...large, but the styling had the effect of making them blend into a 19 ft x 15 ft space. Fit/finish are what one would expect in this price range. The speakers are in a treated room, using SimAudio components and Siltech cables/interconnects, etc. Moon's W8 amp is currently driving them. I cannot attempt to duplicate verbally what the critics have previously awarded as speaker of the year. Accurate, balanced, neutral, magnificent and delineated soundstage, tight and coherent bass, and on and on.........designed and engineered for the serious listener who wants a window to observe the sound engineer's art. Bravo!!!!


owned the first generation utopia's for 12 years. looking forward to the new Maestro.

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