Home Cinema

At the heart of movies

Give your high-definition image the sound it deserves, with sound effects that are both fine and powerful, without exaggeration. Compact speaker packages or floorstanding-central-surround systems: our Home Cinema solutions feature the best Focal technologies to project you right into the heart of the movies.

Utopia III Evo

Among the world's finest loudspeakers, the Utopia models embody Focal excellence. They are our most accomplished concept, combining patented innovations, unrivalled performance and a style that turns every room into an acoustic sculpture.


Sopra loudspeakers excel in all sound registers, thanks to Focal innovations, and all at controlled volumes. The purity of the design delights both the eye and the ear. Every aesthetic detail serves the acoustics, as voices and bass sounds unfold in space.


With their linen diaphragm and unconventional design, Kanta loudspeakers are full of personality. Matte front finish, colored lacquered side panels, hi-fi sound: they give your music and your interiors a new style.

Aria Evo X

Aria was the world's first loudspeaker line to feature linen-membrane drivers. Ten years on, Aria Evo X continues the legend, for expressive listening that brings incredible intelligibility and relief to voices.


Vestia loudspeakers bring new emotions to your home cinema sessions. All models in the line complement each other in timbre to form an ideal multi-channel system, delivering high-impact hi-fi sound for your movies and TV series.


The Theva line of floorstanding, center and surround speakers has been designed to offer you a first installation combining stereo and Home Cinema. Thanks to Focal technologies, the level of detail in dialogues and the depth of action scenes unfolds.

Dôme Flax

Dôme is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Imagined as a sound spotlight, this range enhances your Home Cinema. Its compactness, design and talent make it an ideal installation for lovers of the 7th Art.

Sib Evo

With Dolby Atmos® technology developing vertical effects from the ceiling, the Sib Evo range offers a sensational Home Cinema experience. In 5.1 and 5.1.2 installations, the loudspeakers can be used in a horizontal position to transform the satellite into a center speaker.



A true conductor, Astral 16 brings out the best in high-fidelity loudspeakers and integration, perfectly coordinating an audio-video system within a sensational Home Cinema installation.


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