High-fidelity headphones

Made in France, our hi-fi headphones promise sensational, intimate listening. Our open-design headphones offer an exceptional experience thanks to their unconstrained drivers. Unleashed, the sound is of unequalled purity. Our closed-back headphones benefit from the best of open-back headphones, adapted to closed-back earpieces. They incorporate speakers capable of working at low volume while providing remarkable isolation.

All-in-one headphone system: Uniti Atom Headphone Edition


Passive headphones require external amplification and digital/analog converter (DAC), connected to the headphones by a cable (a Jack, for example). The DAC converts the digital signal from the source (streaming or other) into an analog signal. This is then processed by the amplifier, which increases the amplitude of the signal and provides the necessary power for the speaker drivers to faithfully reproduce the sound.

While smartphones/computers have an amplifier built-in, we advise the use of a dedicated headphone amplifier, as Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition, to allow the headphones to deliver their full performance.



Active headphones incorporate an amplifier and digital/analog converter (DAC) which directly process the sound signal mitted from their wireless audio source (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and amplify it to deliver high-quality sound reproduction. The headphones operate on an internal battery, so all you need to do is ensure that it’s charged. “All-in-one”, the Bathys active headphones offer freedom of movement and Hi-Fi sound.


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