French know-how

Historical know-how

Since 1979, Focal has been designing and developing all its products and audio systems in its Saint-Etienne workshops. Hi-fi speakers for the home, home cinema systems, speakers for cars and yachts, professional monitors, outdoor speakers: Focal is recognized worldwide for its acoustic expertise, exclusive technologies and constant innovation.

Made in France

All Focal products benefit from exclusive innovations and technologies developed by our engineers in France. High-end loudspeakers and speakers are manufactured in our workshops: the tradition of performance is 100% Focal design. In our opinion, this is the best way to master all stages of design and control, so as to offer you exceptional products.

A demanding philosophy

All our teams share the same philosophy: French manufacturing, innovation and tradition, to offer the quintessence of sound for everyone, from music lovers to pure audiophiles.

Cabinet Making

Located in Bourbon-Lancy, France, our Focal Ébénisterie Bourgogne (FEB) workshop manufactures the cabinets and finishes for the Utopia and Sopra high-end loudspeakers. Our finishes are crafted from high-quality raw materials, such as wood species, but also from the artisanal skills of our cabinetmakers and Focal's spirit of innovation, such as the Black Gold Moiré finish. Wood, varnish, leather, concrete and gold leaf are all materials at the service of sound and refinement.

Three of FEB's signature finishes feature rare materials and specific techniques:


Also known as "Lao ebony", white ebony (Diospyros embryopteris) is a rare species from Southeast Asia. It is distinguished by its marked black and off-white veining. Our cabinetmakers have taken great care to apply each of the very narrow leaves side by side, and to match the veins between the different veneers. The final effect on the loudspeakers is one of unparalleled beauty, color and contrast.


Ziricote essence (Cordia dodecandra) comes from Mexico and Central America (Guatemala, Belize). The sapwood - the peripheral part of the tree - is light yellow, while the heartwood is reddish-brown with black veins. These colors, combined with the multiple "spider-web" or "landscape" shapes of the grain, make Ziricote an exceptional wood. Applied to loudspeakers, it enhances both their design and the room.


Black Gold Moiré is a black finish with golden highlights. It is obtained by mixing a high-quality black lacquer with a cloud of golden metallic dust. This cloud, deconstructed by hand to create a unique pattern on each side panel of the loudspeaker, is enhanced by a high-gloss varnish applied by our cabinetmakers.

Living Heritage Company

Focal is a Living Heritage Company (EPV) for its unique expertise in acoustics, for the training of its teams in rare and specific techniques, for its manufacturing in its production (Saint-Etienne) and cabinet-making (Bourbon-Lancy) workshops, and for its innovative patents.


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