Scala Utopia Evo: honouring excellence

14 May 2024

Celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2024, Focal is honouring Scala Utopia Evo, an exceptional loudspeaker synonymous with heritage, innovation, French manufacturing, design and performance.

Focal at the Comité Colbert

18 January 2024

Since January 1, 2024, the Focal brand has been a member of the prestigious Comité Colbert, which brings together over 90 French luxury brands.

Aria Evo X: The pleasure of listening at home

9 January 2024

French know-how, technological advances, refined design, original finish... Aria Evo X continues to write the legend of a loudspeaker range acclaimed for its performance.

Bathys and L'Odyssée sonore at the Théâtre Antique d'Orange

4 December 2023

Listed as a World Heritage Site, the Théâtre Antique d'Orange has chosen Bathys headphones for L'Odyssée Sonore, a sensory and immersive show unlike any other in the world.

K2 Power, 4th Generation!

31 October 2023

Focal renews K2 Power, its iconic line of car kits. A symbol of power and dynamism, the iconic yellow membrane continues to write its history, offering pure in-car hi-fi sound.

Focal Sound on board the Peugeot E-3008

21 September 2023

When driving and listening become one: the new PEUGEOT E-3008 features the Focal Premium Hi-Fi System with 10 exclusive loudspeakers.

Focal unveils Bathys Dune

15 September 2023

Focal presents a new finish, in addition to the Black Silver finish, for Bathys, its Bluetooth® noise-canceling headphones.

TRIO6: New professional loudspeaker

13 September 2023

After Solo6, Twin6 and Sub12, Focal presents a new 3-way loudspeaker monitor: Trio6.

T3Y: New Tesla®-compatible kits

5 September 2023

Tailor-made loudspeakers for drivers wishing to replace their original installation with a hi-fi quality, easy-to-install solution.

Focal in the Artistic Palace studios

30 August 2023

Focal is proud to equip Artistic Palace, a major Parisian complex dedicated to musical and audiovisual creation, with its ST6 and SM6 professional loudspeaker lines and Listen Professional headphones.

ISUB ACTIVE: New subwoofers

29 June 2023

Focal offers two new subwoofers in its Focal Inside collection to complete and enhance your car audio installation: ISUB ACTIVE and ISUB ACTIVE 2.1.

P60 Limited Edition, the purity of sound in your car

21 April 2023

Focal presents a new Plug & Play kit in its Focal Inside collection: P60 Limited Edition. Compatible with Porsche® 911 (992) vehicles, this high-fidelity kit offers excellent listening.


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