New professional loudspeaker in the ST6 range

Made in France, Trio6 benefits from Focal's know-how and exclusive innovations, for uncompromising acoustics and great versatility of use. It is a highly precise, reliable and high-performance work tool.

Performance and design

Trio6 is a 3-channel monitor offering exceptional sonic precision and a host of features: dual Focus mode, disengageable automatic standby mode, high-pass crossover, 160 Hz LMF filter for console reflections... These technical assets make Trio6 - like the ST6 line - a benchmark piece of professional equipment.

Over and above its functionalities, this studio monitor features a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, with a frequency response extending to 40 kHz. It is also equipped with a 5" W diaphragm mid-range woofer and an 8" W diaphragm subwoofer with a 35Hz cut-off frequency. Like Solo6 and Twin6, the Trio6 benefits from Focal's best technologies: TMD surround, laminar port, reinforced cabinet, IAL, etc.

Discover Trio6


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