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Pure High-Fidelity in-car sound Focal presents K2 Power M: a line of already-legendary products

7 December 2022

The new K2 Power M line inherits the best features of the iconic K2 line born in 1986, which has continued to evolve over the years.

Focal unveils a new line of integrated products for yachts and spaces in coastal and wet environments: LITTORA

24 October 2022

Leading audio brand Focal presents the LITTORA line: speaker drivers for yachts and spaces located in coastal and wet environments.

Focal presents Bathys, its first wireless headphones with Active noise cancellation.

4 October 2022

Benefiting from the brand’s savoir-faire in sound and high-end headphones prowess, Bathys delivers a pure hi-fi sound, via 5.1 Bluetooth® multipoint or wired connection thanks to its USB-DAC mode. 

Focal presents a new edition of its outstanding hi-fi headphones : Utopia.

16 September 2022

First launched in 2016, Focal’s Utopia headphones rank amongst the best headphones in the world. Under constant renewal, the French brand with a unique savoir-faire in acoustics, has given its iconic product a new design while adding acoustic enhancements (new voice coil, ‘M’-shaped grilles inside the earcups...).

Focal introduces 100-T Series — a range of integrated loudspeakers for large spaces

21 July 2022

You can now enjoy Focal sound in even larger spaces, as the leading French audio brand unveils the 100-T Series line at the ISE (Integrated System Europe) international exhibition in Barcelona (10-13th May). This range of in-ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers is designed for large residential and professional spaces, such as hotels, shops and restaurants. The seven products are direct descendants of Focal’s 100 Series, with new features and international certifications to meet the requirements of large-scale integrated systems. 

Focal innovates again with new ‘Solo6’ ‘Twin6’ and ‘Sub12’ subwoofer studio monitors offering more detailed & transparent sound

3 June 2022

Focal innovates again with new ‘Solo6’ ‘Twin6’ and ‘Sub12’ subwoofer studio monitors 
offering more detailed & transparent sound

Focal and Naim present an exclusive hi-fi system: Aria K2 926 & Uniti Star, Ash Grey finish

19 May 2022

Focal and Naim present a hi-fi system with exceptional performance and finishes: the new Aria K2 926 loudspeaker & the Uniti Star all-in-one player, Ash Grey finish. United under the Vervent Audio Group for 10 years now, the two brands embody the very best of French audio and English electronics. Thanks to their unique expertise, they create outstanding, all-round systems for home listening. 

Focal introduces 300 ICA6, an angled in-ceiling hi-fi loudspeaker for the pure listening pleasure at home

10 May 2022

The leading French brand in the audio sector unveils the 300 ICA6 angled in-ceiling loudspeaker at the ISE (Integrated System Europe) exhibition in Barcelona (10th-13th May). Discrete and easy to install, this versatile loudspeaker joins Focal’s current 300 Series line. By supplementing its range with a product for hi-fi or Home Cinema setups, Focal can offer a completely reinvigorated listening experience at home and confirms its position as a benchmark in the integrated solutions market.

Focal, the on-board sound reference, presents its line of six subwoofers for the car

21 April 2022

With its renowned sound savoir-faire, the St. Étienne brand unveils six new subwoofers in its Motorities Collection. Having launched the Auditor and Slatefiber audio kit lines at the start of this year, Focal now further enhances its offering of products dedicated to in-car listening, confirming its position as the reference in on-board sound.

Leading light of audio and electronics, the VerVent Audio group opens a Focal Powered by Naim store in Bangalore, India

19 April 2022

VerVent Audio is continuing the global roll-out of its Focal Powered by Naim stores. The group opens a showroom for the first time in India with Aamir Fruitwala, director of AK International, a major partner. Uniting the French and English brands Focal and Naim, the group is opening this luxury space in Bangalore – the Garden City of India, a true ‘Silicone Valley’ and the fourth-largest technology hub in the world. It is the 16th store to join the Focal Powered by Naim network. 

A Focal and Naim showroom opens in Bucharest. Sensational HI-FI listening and incredible products are in store

11 April 2022

The Focal Powered by Naim space in Bucharest (Romania) is joining the global network of stores in the VerVent Audio group. It is located in the Audio Forum, a benchmark, high-end audio store managed by Horn Distribution, a major partner of VerVent Audio.

With stores already in Asia, North America and Oceania, Focal and Naim are continuing their roll-out of showrooms in Europe. To mark the opening, the Grande Utopia loudspeakers combined with the Statement amplifier are in store – an extraordinary system.

Focal introduces Slatefiber, a new line of car audio kits

7 March 2022

The leading brand in acoustics, Focal is enhancing its Motorities Collection with the Slatefiber line. This new range is comprised of two powerful and versatile kits – PS 165 SF and PC 165 SF – which combine performance, French manufacturing and affordable pricing. With numerous product lines developed especially for cars – from entry level to the top of the range – Focal caters for all customers and all vehicles, confirming its position as the French leader for in-car sound.


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