Choosing an amplifier for my HI-FI system

To choose the right amplifier for your hi-fi system, it's essential to consider the power of the amplifier. Make sure that the power is not too low. This consideration is all the more important for multi-channel amplifiers for a home cinema system. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not excess power that can damage speakers and loudspeakers, but rather a lack of power. If the volume is pushed to its maximum, the amplifier can saturate and generate parasitic signals likely to cause damage to the loudspeakers, particularly the tweeters. It is therefore necessary to provide a power reserve for listening at high volume. 

It is important to stress that it is small amplifiers pushed beyond their limits that risk damaging a loudspeaker. For an optimum combination, we recommend an RMS amplification power of around 50 to 75% of the maximum power of the loudspeaker. 

The choice of amplifier is also subjective, and the dynamic capacity and high definition of Focal loudspeakers highlight the qualities and shortcomings of the amplifiers. It is advisable to listen to different speaker/amplifier combinations at your dealer's.

Finally, pay particular attention to the choice of cables. Choose quality cables adapted to the distance between the amplifier and the speakers, and to the power required to power them.

Focal Aria 926 Naim Uniti Star amplifier


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