Do materials have an impact on acoustic quality ?

The materials used in the manufacture of loudspeakers have a significant impact on acoustic quality. 

1. The cabinet can be made of high-quality wood to enhance the listening experience and reduce unwanted resonance and vibration. The Aria Evo X floor-standing speaker features a high-quality cabinet. 

2. Loudspeaker cones can be made of aramid fibre, polypropylene, metal or paper. Composites are chosen for their lightness and rigidity, which influence resonance and frequency. The Aria Evo X loudspeaker range, for example, features Flax (French flax) cone drivers. 

3. Speaker suspensions must be flexible and can therefore be made of rubber, as is the case with the Chorus range. 

4. Internal acoustic insulation incorporates materials such as wool or acoustic foam to limit resonance. The speakers in the Aria EVO X range incorporate internal acoustic insulation based on acoustic foam. 

5. The external covering plays an aesthetic role but also a role in reducing sound resonance.

Focal speaker materials

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