How do I install built-in speakers ?

Focal offers a range of hi-fi loudspeakers designed to be integrated into walls or ceilings, enabling discreet, high-definition listening in every room of the house (living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom...). 

Choosing the location for in-wall speakers

Focal has designed these built-in Hi-Fi speakers to faithfully reproduce all forms of music or Home Cinema programmes. It is essential to follow a few simple rules to optimise their performance:

1 - The speakers must be placed symmetrically facing the listening area, ideally forming an equilateral triangle. 

2 - In-wall speakers should be placed at the same height, on the same horizontal plane, with the tweeter ideally level with the listener's ears at the usual listening point. 

Installing hi-fi speakers - Connections

The connectors provide reliable contacts for stripped cables (up to 4 mm in diameter). It is essential to respect the polarity of each hi-fi speaker : 

  • The connector marked "+" must be connected to the corresponding output on the amplifier. 
  • The connector marked "-" must be connected to the negative terminal. If this condition is not respected, the stereo image and bass perception will deteriorate considerably. 

Choose quality cables with the appropriate cross-section for the length : your Focal dealer will be able to advise you. 

Speaker installation

The speakers can only be installed once the cables have been laid. Cut out the partition using the template supplied. Before you start cutting, make sure the template is level. Before any drilling, consult the room plans to make sure that no pipes, electrical ducts or other specific installations pass through the wall. 

About the tweeter

Once the speaker has been wired and secured, adjust the level of the tweeter using the switch on the front of the speaker. The tweeter is hinged to face the listening area, improving treble accuracy and stereo imaging.

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