How do I install my floorstanding speakers ?

Focal loudspeakers have been meticulously designed to reproduce music and home cinema programmes with the utmost fidelity. However, a few simple rules should be observed to optimise their performance, guarantee good tonal balance and a realistic sound image. 

Placement and positioning of speakers :

Speakers should be positioned symmetrically in front of the listening area, forming an ideal equilateral triangle with the listening area, although distances can be adjusted to suit the particular layout. 

It is imperative that the speakers are positioned at the same height on a horizontal plane. Ideally, the tweeter should be level with the listener's ears, at the usual listening point. 

Avoid placing the speakers too close to the corners of the room and limit their proximity to the walls, as this could excite resonances in the room and artificially increase the bass. On the other hand, if the bass level is deemed insufficient, move the speakers closer to the walls to rebalance the sound. 

Here are a few tips for use :

  • Adjust the position of the speakers and their orientation to correct inaccurate stereophonic perception. If the sound is harsh and aggressive, consider using absorbent and reflective materials to control room reverberation. If the sound is 'flat' and muffled, find a better balance between absorbing and reflecting materials in your home. 

  • It is generally recommended that the wall behind the speakers should be reflective for optimum sound development, while the wall behind the listening area should ideally be absorbent to prevent the stereo image being altered by rear reflections. A clever arrangement of furniture on the side walls can also help to diffuse sound waves and avoid frequency problems, particularly in the midrange, by eliminating "echo flutter".

Focal Aria 926 black speaker


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