How do I install the sound insulation kit in my vehicle ?

The Focal BAM is a sound insulator that helps reduce unwanted noise in your vehicle. A sheet metal wall and a plastic trim panel are not environments conducive to good sound reproduction.

What is the BAM used for ?

Sound from the woofer reverberates off the sheet metal wall, disturbing the diaphragm. The BAM absorbs this wave, resulting in better sound reproduction. It can also be used inside a door trim to reduce dashboard vibrations. Soundproofing also reduces exterior noise if the entire door surface is treated.

The different BAM kits

Focal BAM is available in three types of packaging:

  • BAM : Kit of 2 sheets for placing a sheet of soundproofing behind each woofer in the front doors.
  • BAM XL : 50 x 200 cm roll for two or four doors, depending on vehicle size.
  • BAM XXXL : 0.5 X 6 m roll for soundproofing an entire trunk or passenger compartment.

How much to choose ?

You need at least a kit of 2 sheets to soundproof the space behind each speaker. If you wish to soundproof the entire door, you'll need to dismantle the door panel, then check that you have access to the entire sheet metal surface at the bottom of the door (on some vehicles, the door's safety structure does not allow access to the entire surface). You can then measure the surfaces to be covered to determine the quantity of BAM to be used.

Installing BAM

To begin with, the BAM must be installed at a suitable temperature (between 16 and 25°) and not in damp weather (the inside of the door will not be perfectly dry). Even if the vehicle is new, the inside of a door is never clean (grease, dust...). The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the surface to which the BAM will be bonded.

To clean the surface, use a lint-free microfiber cloth and a suitable product. We recommend an alcohol-based glass cleaner: it cleans well and evaporates quickly, leaving no solvent residue on the surface to be treated with BAM.

Next, cut the BAM according to the surface to be covered. You can use cardboard templates to help you cut the BAM without making a mess. Apply the BAM to the metal sheet, smoothing with a wallpaper roller to ensure perfect adhesion. Don't hesitate to reapply several times. The BAM is then perfectly bonded to the sheet and will not move. After installation, we recommend that the vehicle is not subjected to high-pressure cleaning for a few days.

BAM Focal sound insulation kit


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