How do I test my car audio speakers ?

The speakers are connected and no sound comes out when you turn up the volume on the car radio. It's fairly easy to tell whether it's a problem with the speakers or the installation.

There are several possible causes for this lack of sound: 

Check that the car radio volume is not at zero, or that the "mute" mode is deactivated. 

If there's no sound on the right-hand side, this may be due to a disturbance in the balance of the car radio, which broadcasts all sound on the left.  

Check the speaker connections. Even if plugs are used, they may not be properly clipped together, or there may be poor contact. 

This may also be due to a defect in the speakers. To find out, the test is very simple : 

Take a round 1.5V battery and some speaker wire. 

Connect the - of the speaker to the - of the battery. 

Place a wire on the + side of the battery and let it make contact with the + side of the loudspeaker in small, brief pulses. If you hear a sizzling sound and you can see the membrane moving forward, the loudspeaker is not damaged. 

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