How do I test my speakers ?

As loudspeakers are passive components that cannot produce music without an external complement, you should always check the whole installation before casting doubt on the loudspeakers. Volume controls sometimes sputter, indicating a lack of lubrication on the axis of rotation. If there is an acoustic problem with your audio system, you can confirm its origin by carrying out a few tests.  

Most acoustic incidents are minor and are caused by faulty or disconnected connectors or incorrectly positioned source switches. The sound interruption can be caused by any factor linked to the audio installation, including your Internet subscription... So check the connections in your installation and listen again at each stage.

High-frequency sound or crackling on tweeters :

Check near the diaphragm, without touching it, to see if there is a smell of burning. Sizzling, or the interruption of tweeter operation, is generally linked to the combustion of the loudspeaker coils. The copper wire in the coils burns and becomes deformed as a result of excessive use of the sound volume or an electrical incident in the amplification system. It then slides, rubbing the walls of its mechanical support and creating the crackling noise. The loudspeaker has to be changed, but this incident is considered to be "out of warranty" because it is linked to incorrect use or incorrect association.

Midrange or bass frequencies (woofers), possible crackling :

By gently placing your fingers in a corolla on the surface of a loudspeaker cone, push gently to check whether it slides smoothly or is slowed down by friction. In the latter case, the coils are certainly damaged.

The complete silence of one or more loudspeakers is often a sign of a damaged crossover.  The crossover may have been subjected to intense heating, but the loudspeaker may also have suffered a shock, causing a capacitor or choke to be torn off. 

Subwoofer has gone silent:

Check the behaviour of the loudspeaker, check the power supply to the amplifier (fuse and electrical connection), check the connection to the amplifier (coaxial cable) and check that the amplifier is correctly configured to transmit the signal to the subwoofer (see operating instructions for the model used).

Other acoustic problem : 

Do you notice an imbalance in the sound diffusion from your speakers ? 

This may be due to an off-center balance setting on the amplifier, or to poor positioning. As indicated in our user manuals, acoustic optimization requires you to respect certain positioning distances in relation to rear and side walls, to avoid artificially increasing bass extension.

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