How do speaker components work ?

The components of a loudspeaker work synergistically to deliver a quality sound experience. 

The main components are loudspeakers, which are made up of different elements, including : 

  • A fixed part comprising a permanent magnet.
  • A moving part comprising a cone and a coil.

When an electric current is passed through the coil, the resulting magnetic field reacts with the magnetic field of the fixed magnet and sets the cone-coil assembly in motion. This causes the air to vibrate, producing sound.

  • A tweeter reproduces high frequencies. 
  • A midrange driver reproduces mid-range frequencies.
  • A woofer reproduces the low frequencies. 
  • A crossover directs the frequencies to the appropriate speakers.
  • A cabinet is designed like a resonator to isolate the speakers from each other. 

Exploded view Focal loudspeaker

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