How to install your bookshelf speakers ?

To guarantee the best possible sound experience from your bookshelf speakers, it's crucial to consider their installation. These speakers have been designed to deliver faithful reproduction of all musical genres and home cinema programs.

Skid-mounted installation :

Bookshelf speakers are supplied with glides. When placing them on a shelf or cabinet, be sure to install the glides before proceeding with the installation. The role of the pads is to ensure the stability of your speakers and to mechanically decouple them from their supports.

The pads provide insulation between the speaker and the surface on which it is placed, reducing unwanted vibrations that could affect sound quality. They help to stabilize the speaker and prevent undesirable movements that might occur as a result of vibrations or accidental displacement. What's more, the pads protect both the speakers and the surfaces on which they are placed.

Stand installation :

When installing your bookshelf speakers, we recommend positioning them on stands at an appropriate listening height. Using stands ensures better sound dispersion. In fact, by raising the speakers to an appropriate listening height, stands help to spread sound more evenly across the room, improving listening quality. Other advantages of using stands for your sound installation include vibration reduction, acoustic insulation and speaker stability. 

If you wish to install optional stands to support your bookshelf speakers, please refer to the mounting instructions supplied with the stand. 

Advantages of having bookshelf speakers on stands

Disavantages of not having floor-standing speakers

Better sound dispersion in the room

Less balanced sound in the room

Optimum positioning at listening height

Sound less focused on the listener 

Reduced vibrations and resonances 

Risk of low-frequency disturbance

Improved aesthetics

Risk of speaker damage or dropping

Less interference with furniture and decor 

Less flexibility in speaker placement 

Better integration into a home cinema system

Less sound immersion in films

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