Important criteria when choosing headphones ?

When choosing your headphones, there are several factors to consider :

1. Type of headphones :

  • In-ear : type of headphone; some models offer passive sound isolation.
  • Supra-aural : lightweight headphones with less sound isolation from ambient frequencies.
  • Circum-aural : headphones that completely cover the ears. This creates maximum sound isolation and superior audio quality.

2. Headphones design :

  • Open-ear headphones : The earcups' grilles allow sound to pass through. These headphones are appreciated during long listening sessions in a quiet environment.
  • Closed headphones : The earcups are closed, isolating external noise. These headphones are particularly appreciated in situations where sound isolation is require. 

3. Comfort : Focal headphones feature a lightweight system and memory foam ear cushions that adapt perfectly to the user.

4. Connectivity : Make sure your headphones are compatible with your devices.

  • Wired : Headphones offering connectivity via a wired system (Jack cable / USB-C).
  • Wireless : Headphones offering wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

5. Battery life :

  • Wireless headphones have a battery. It's important to consider its autonomy and recharging speed. The Bathys headset has a battery life of 30 hours and a full recharge speed of 1.5 hours and 15 minutes for 5 hours of listening.
  • Wired headphones have no internal battery, as they use a physical connection.

6. Integrated controls :

  • Play/pause control: starts, pauses or resumes playback.
  • Next/previous control : allows you to skip music or go backwards.
  • Noise reduction control: adjusts the level of external noise reduction.
  • Volume controls: adjust sound volume.
  • Answer/end calls: answer and end phone calls.
  • Voice navigation control: provides voice assistance.

Focal headphones combine sound quality with optimum comfort. Careful earcup design and ergonomic padding make them ideal for extended listening sessions. These headphones offer a perfect fit for the user's comfort.

Focal headphones with integrated controls


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