Is it possible to separate the components of a car audio kit ?

FOCAL sets itself apart by offering a diverse range of car audio kits to meet the varied needs of music enthusiasts. 

At the heart of this offer are two main types of kit : 2-way and 3-way audio kits, typically comprising a tweeter, woofer and crossover, and car audio installations, typically comprising two front/rear speakers and an amplifier. 

Each of these kits is designed with meticulous attention to detail to deliver an exceptional sound experience. 

Note that these kits are coherently designed with a view to offering good sound clarity. The components cannot therefore be separated, as they are specifically calibrated to work together. 

Installation : 

  • 2-way and 3-way audio kits: Before considering installing a 2-way kit in a vehicle, you need to check the dimensions of the original slots. You need to measure the diameter and especially the depth, as some woofers have a deep breech. 

  • Car audio installation: Everything you need to know about installing the kit is set out in the assembly instructions supplied with it. Remember that for each product, the instructions are available as a PDF download on our website.  

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